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What is a Backlink ? (Easy-Guided)

Today I will tell you what is a backlink?

This is very important.

Like I have said already, creating links is a different thing and indexing them is a different thing.

OK, I guess posting a user-profiles and stuff like that.

OK, I know some of the backlinks will be, you know, indexed by Google very, very quickly, especially


the guest posting, because when we are guests posting the website is already in Google and the links


are already in Google.


So once the guest post is published, the article will automatically be called Indexed by Google and


also the links inside the article.


So that is very easy to do.


User profile links will take some time.


This is not easy to like indexed in Google and the Web 2.0 will take some time, but less time than


the user profile backlink.


So this will take less time.


Like maybe in two weeks you will see the backlinks are indexed by Google discussion forums and the


forums are active.


Then it will take like one week or two weeks maximum and blog comments will also take like one to two






Only these user profiles can take more than a month or maybe less than a month.


And that’s it.


So I will suggest you just leave it naturally.

you can also check: another site


You know, Google let Google index all of those backlinks and do it for you.


But if you are thinking like, oh, it is taking so much time in, the links are not getting indexed


or maybe you have some website which you want to rank quickly, like an event or maybe some festival


or something that for which you need like backlinking very quickly and you want to index them quickly


so that you can get ranking very quickly because time is an issue or maybe the event is coming very




So in that case, you can use some tools to index your backlinks.


OK, so I’m going to show you some free tools.


This one free indexer dot com is a free tool where you can just eat all of your links just one by one,


like one link in one line and then the next link in the next link in another line.


So here you don’t need to add your own articles.


You need the page where you have created the backing.


For example, let me go to the website where we have created the backlinks.


OK, let me go to the website, one backlink I have created on this website, which is actually my


own website.


But the page was relevant, so I created one backlink here.


I can show you the page is relevant and I have created the backlink here.


OK, can five versus Canon M6 Lipsett this backlink is not yet called by Google.


It should be, but let’s say it is not.


So what I will do, I will go and add this link to the list and then other links like any blog comment


or profile backlink or guest post or whatever.


Link it all of those links here, OK, and then click process so it will send them to Google.


OK, to Google and other search engines, you can add 50 backlinks here for free, and then maybe they


have like the free page to look.


So this is done now.


The next tool is this one, which is also free.


You need to add you are a one, two, three in the same way.


OK, you can add three hundred to three more than like, you know, hundreds and thousands of links


you can add here for free.


This is a free tool.


They don’t have to look.


So you just add all of your links one by one.


One second.


I’m telling you the pages where you have created backlinks, not your own page, and then just click




And all of those links will be indexed within a few days, like three to four days.


Some of the backlinks may still not be indexed.


OK, so some of them will be.


So this is a free tool.


So, you know, the free tool will not work the best all the time.


OK, now there are better tools as well like this one is eighteen dollars per month for one point


five million backlists a month.


OK, so you can use this one if you have more backlinks.


So it will work better like it will index fifty percent of your links, not one hundred percent.


OK, and then another tool which cost only ten dollars per month where you can get ten thousand barrels


per day and it will try to.

low competition keyword


Index them using Google and other search engines, and this one is also has a free plan for 20 links


are there so you can use the free plan as well for 20 links.


And this is better for paddlings if you are creating yourself or if you have a small website, you can


use the free plan.


And if you go for Babeland, then you can get many features.


So once again, expect like 50 percent of the links will be indexed, not 100 percent, because these


are tools and, you know, tools are not 100 percent correct all the time.


So this was my responsibility to tell you that once you create the backlinks, you had to wait for


them to be discovered by Google and to be indexed by Google.


After that, you will see the boost in your ranking, your Google ranking, because once Google discovered


the links after that, they will update their algorithm to change your ranking in the search engine.

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