You are currently viewing SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021(Secret Tricks)

SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021(Secret Tricks)

SEO Mistakes You should avoid = New SEO Tricks

SEO mistakes to avoid

Deadly Mistakes New  Bloggers that you should not do in 2021.


If you are working before 3,4 month ago on Your

Blog But yet No Traffic will come then you are simply wasting your time.


Today I will show you 3 SEO mistakes for new bloggers.

Really this is an amazing trick you saw this type of articles,

100% this trick any not tell Google on the first time this articles.

How to rank website on google

Mistake 1—Regular Publish Post on your blog

Many blogs I saw many bloggers said that regularly and contently post, but now we talk about a new secret trick.

Defiantly if you read these articles carefully.

then you will get the best idea for your blog post.

Google always wants to show good results.

If you want to see your site on Google, you have to write Quality Content on your website.

Focus on Quality content doesn’t focus on the timing and always posting constantly. Google always wants to show the best result.

Mistake 2 Underestimating Content Promotion

Not Promoting content is Big Mistakes

The first mistake is directly proportional to the second mistake.

This means if you post too often then you have no time to promote your content.


Always promote your content,  after publishing the blog post.

When you post too often then you will have no time to promote your content.

Now .more than 2 million (20 lakh) Blog posts daily and more than 1 lakh Not get single views.


How to content promotion on social media.

When promotion your blog post time.

When you upload your post then you will go the share but,

you can big mistake this, Google is very smart so google want to organic traffic

So you will do the share your post if you post today on your blog then you will go the share after 2,3 days content promotion.if you regularly maintain.

Mistake 3 Relies On Great Content

Great content doesn’t mean-

5000 + word content

Content with lots of colorful and images

Forced content without meaning just to increase words.

Some of the techniques are here-

  • The power page techniques
  • Reveres engineering method
  • The social triggers
  • The Trademark Technique
  • The Memory Glue

Smart Work!

SEO mistakes to avoid yo always remember that.

Always smart work not to do hard work

Only so-called “Great content doesn’t work. Great content comes with user satisfaction

Mistakes 4 On-page SEO is enough

Now some people know ON Page SEO but many New Blogger Don’t Know about Page SEO

So we also cover what is On-Page SEO?

What is included in On-Page SEO?

  • Internal link: Make sure do some add your internal site link
  • Keyphrase density: That’s way more than the recommended maximum of 2 times for a text of this length.
  • Single Title
  • Text length: Minimum 300 words any post
  • Image alt attributes: Add your keyphrase or synonyms to the alt tags of relevant images
  • Outbound Links: Link another popular site
  • Keyphrase in the introduction: Keyphrase or synonym appears in the Meta description.
  • Key phrase Length
  • Meta Description Length
  • Previously used keyphrase
  • The key phrase in the subheading
  • Keyphrase in the title:
  • SEO Title width
  • Keypads in slug


You can also cover

how to rank a website on google,

common SEO mistakes,

Bad SEO practices,

SEO mistakes to avoid

Many new bloggers think that on-page SEO is enough for rank

In  2014-2017 on the page is enough but from 2019 you can also realize,

that only on-page SEO doesn’t work without doing off-page SEO

On-page SEO vs page SEO

  • Optimizing KD Link Building
    • Social Signals.

Adding title

Adding description internal linking

External linking

LSI keyword

And More ….

Off-page SEO is important so…..

  • We will discuss many techniques to build links to social sharing like………..


Google knows everything so

We constantly regularly give google sharing, a social signal is more important to rank your website.

If you post per day 1 post on your website

Then you will after 2nd days start to share your content on

all social media like(Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc) more than 1000 social sites.

  • Recourse page link building

Link building is the link to your website on the page of another website or

In the middle of a post which is helpful in getting visitors to your website and helps to boost the website.

Link building is the main SEO ranking factor.

Link is most important

  • The mount rush more method wet clearly link building
  • Renovation link building and more…..

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