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Keyword Research Finding Low Competition Keywords?

Now, this is the time to start keyword research in our course.

And the first thing for keyword research is the tools.

There are tons of tools, guys out there in the market which actually confused people.

Which tool to use.

But guys, remember, most of the tools will not give you the correct data.

Most of the tools give you incorrect data.

But some of the tools still can give you some data for ideas.

The most important and the most famous tool is her up dot com, which is a paid tool.

But you can also get it for one month or a trial budget for seven days to get all of your keywords for

your Web site.

And then you can cancel anytime.

S-E Amaresh dot com is a similar Web site and you can get the idea.

Same like I had Starcom then the answer.

The public dot com is our questions engine where you can put your keyword in.

You will get all the questions-related keywords from there.

And Google keyword planet is also a tool which is for advertisers.

But we can also use it for s.

You propose to get some ideas.

Can you use Google dot com, which is the best tool?

I think because Google is authentic and they give you all the ideas for keywords.

Now when you are selecting keywords, you need to look for these five basic things in the start because

your Web site is a new Web site and you have zero authority.

So in the study, you had to target LongTail keywords, low competition keywords, and you had to target

low authority Web sites, which you can compete with and you can beat them easily with.

Look, competition keywords 100 plus monthly search volume will be okay in the start, because if you

go less than that, then you will not get traffic for your ranked keyword.

And of course, you are to write quality content for your keywords so that it can bring good in Google.

Now you.

You see, this is our sheet for our brand, our Web site, which is actually Cambra less dark on my

website is Kimera list, our COMMUN.

I have other categories for this Web site, which is I’m just going to target now.

This is the tool her up that I will be using in this process.

And we also have another tool as Ambrish, which will give you similar data.


So now how we do keyword research and how we actually find which keyword is a lower difficulty, low competitive.

And the Web sites are a low authority.

But one thing you should remember, guys, you need to select a location by default.

Google will pick your country’s location, your default country, but you can go to the setting.

You can see the setting option at the gardener.

You just click it, go to the search option and you can change your location here.

If you go down, you see all the regions to select the region from where you can.

You want to get the reserves because by default it will give you the reserves for your home country,

which is not a good option because Google used different reserves in different locations.

And this is, guys, the list from where you can actually pick your keywords because this is from

Google and Google are authentic.

Google is giving you this list because people are searching for these keywords.

So, for example, if I click like best cameras for YouTube or best cameras for blogging, these are

the keywords.

I will get a list.

So the first thing is this featured snippet for this keyword.

If you get the featured snippet for your keyword on Google like this, you will get tons of traffic from


So the next thing we can see is the people also ask these other questions.

Actually, people ask Google-like, what is the cheapest camera for logging?

What is the best vlogging camera for beginners?

These are the questions.

If you have content related to questions and you ranked for that in Google, Google will start trusting

you because Google is basically a search engine where people ask questions.

So you have to actually find you are informational keywords.

There are three types of keywords.

The one is informational keyword where you provide information to users and you answer to specific questions.

The second type of keyword is commercial keywords where people are actually looking for buying something

like top 10, best cameras, top 10, best canon cameras, top 10, best logging camera.

So what?

Whenever you see best, you know. keyword research

That means there is a commercial.

There is a commercial.

And people want to buy something.

And the third is the reviews like you review some product or do you review something which is both

informational and also commercial content like you can see at the top?

This guy is saying top 10 best budget, rugged cameras that mean he will recommend some cameras and

people will buy it.

So this Web site owner will make money either by selling the cameras or by redirecting them to some

affiliate sites like Amazon, and they will get a commission for that.

Now, the third thing you need to look on this page by going at the bottom of the page and you will keyword research

see religion such as to that keyword.

So these are all keywords that you can target.

But how you will find still the low difficulty keyword.

By default, you can just go to the top five Web sites or the top 10 websites on this first page.

Check there.

You know, the domain authority, their domain rating, whether these Web sites are law authority,

new Web sites or establish Web sites.

Out of the 10 Web sites on this page are established Web sites.

Then you shouldn’t go for this specific keyword like budget cameras, but logging.

If you find three to four Web sites, which are law authority Web sites or new Web sites, then you

can target that keyword.

This is very simple, guys, if you want to get your keywords from Google.

OK. keyword research

Now, the second method to find law difficulty keywords, this method is very easy.

You have to just go to this tool, which is a shrub.

And there is there are many tools on this Web site like site explorer, keyword explorer, content explorer.

But for keyword research, we will right now use the keyword explorer tool, which is a very good tool

and very easy.

You can find your targeted keywords.

What do you need to do?

Actually, put all of your many words here and select your country?

You can select any country like if your site is for some other country, you can select that one.

But now I will put all of my keywords.

For example, you can see you had two separate keywords by commas.


So I have added a few cameras here.

A few of my main topics here you can see.

Now I will just search.

So it has given me six keywords for all of the six keywords that I had put there.

And you can see the keyword difficulty in the wallet for these 60 words.

But I want a huge list of where I can actually use filters to find my keywords.

Law difficulty givers in low authority sites.

For that, you need to just come to your nose.

You see the options here at the right and left.

You need to click this having the same terms. keyword research

This option will give you a lot of keywords, ideas here.

So I will click that.reddit

Now, here you can see I got fifty-five thousand keywords.

More than fifty-five thousand keywords.

So now this is a huge list.

And I can actually use some filters like the keyword difficulty here.

You need to the keyword difficulty, guys, Lou, keyword difficulty is like zero to ten because he

had difficulty to start from zero and goes up 200.

So zero to 10 will be a good keyword difficulty to target at the start.

The second thing is the one you which should be a minimum of 100.keyword research


And the third thing is the word gone.

We should be like three words at least.

So that means three words at least means simply like targeting a long-tail keyword.

So out of fifty-five thousand now, we only have two hundred nineteen keywords, which are exactly

what we were looking for.

So here is what we can do, we can go to different you know, we can see these different keywords.

And the first thing is Kiewa difficulty, you know, the second thing is Walloon, which is okay, but

the very, very important thing is to check the Web sites which are already ranking for this keyword

for the specific keywords.

What is their demand rating?

How much traffic they’re getting for that specific keyword research?

So let’s say, for example, we check this keyword.

Best beginner camera for a child.

The keyword difficulty is seven.

While you made errors.


So here you can see the options set up.

What does it mean?

The setup means search engine result pages for this specific keyword like the top 10 deserves on Google.

So if I click that, I will see the list of the Web sites that are ranking for this keyword.

Now, here, you need to just look at three basic things.

The first thing is the Deeyah.

The Deeyah means the mandating which is equal to domain authority.

Okay, here, if you see Web sites above 50 domain authority, that means that Web site is a high authority

site or established Web site.

And if you see a Web site under a 30 domain rating, that means that Web site is a new Web site or a law

authority site, which you can target.keyword research

So in the top 10 list, you should at least see three to four Web sites that are under 30 domain authority.

So that means we can go for that guy and we can beat them or altering them.

Now, the second thing here you need to look for is the domains pointing to that specific article.

So if you find four to five Web sites that have like zero to five domains pointing to them, that keyword

is good to target.

And the third thing, important thing is this traffic column where you need to find at least

four to five Web sites that are getting 200 plus Drabek from Google for that specific keyword.

That means the guys who are already thinking for that keyword are getting traffic, good traffic from


And you will also get traffic if you rank your keyword for that for the topic, you know.

So here, if we look at this rizzle, we see all of the Web sites are high authority sites like seventy-eight, seventy-seven, seventy-three all up all are about 50.

So we cannot go for this topic.

Unfortunately, although you can see the domains are, you know, zero one zero six-four, and the traffic

is also key, but they’re very high authority sites.

So we will just ignore that.


And we’ll go to find some other option.

There are many, many other options.

There are many keywords.

We can go vote.

So there is no problem with that.


So guys here you can see I found a keyword best camera for bloggers, which is keyword difficulties.

Three and 200 is the search volume.

So let’s check this one by clicking the setup option and let’s analyze this keyword.

So here you can see, guys, the Deeyah for the first Web site is 14, which is a good sign because

14 is under 30.

So this Web site is a new Web site or you can say it is a law authority site.

And if you see we go down, there is another Web site on the dirt.

It is also 14 difficult do mandate.

Then there is 10 and there is 28.

That means four to five Web sites that are under 30 sort of forced.

You know, the first option is, OK, here now.

The second is domain zero two and one.

Another option is OK.

Because we need very little backlinking effort for this you to rank on Google.

Now, the third option is traffic.


These Web sites are getting traffic like seven hundred four hundred fifty.

Two hundred twenty-nine.

And it’s OK.

So we can go for this keyword, a true leader.

And the keyword is best cameras for bloggers.

Now, what we need to do is just right.

Click the keyword and open a new tape.

And here you will see all the data for this keyword, like the keyword difficulty’s search, volume,

religious keyword and stuff like that in the top 10 reasons for this keyword.

So the difficulty is three which is under then there’s fine.

Such volume is 200.

That’s fine.

Related keywords.

And we’ll see the top 10 reasons for this.

So this keyword is already selected.

I will just copy and go to my seat.

Will it be this key?

Congratulations, guys, we have selected our Foskey word.

We found our first keyword, best humorous, but bloggers really did keywords.

I just go to the page and here are the deleted keywords.

I will just copy all of them.

And based it on this column here.

OK, keyword competition is low.

I will write it down here and Cuba’s difficulty’s three.

Now the content length is very important.

We hear the right we are defined what content length we should write for this keyword.

So for that, you just need to open two or three Web sites like the first one I will open.

The second one and the third one, okay.

Or the fourth one also.

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What I need to do, I have to look at the content, what type of content they have written.

I mean, the content is good.

I need to also write good content for this topic.

So what I will do, I will just copy all of the content, you know, select all of the pages.

And I need to recount these words.

How many words they have written for this specific topic.


So all of this content I had to copy and I have a tool here, you can see this tool is called Word Contadora.

I will paste it here and then I will check how many words they have written.

So you can see they have written more than 6000 words for this article.

But I will check the other one.

This one as well.

So let’s see how many Artec how many words there have.

Now, this Web site, the second one has just 18 hundred of words.


And if I check the third one.

One, for example.

Let’s take the last one.

The last one is a truly how many words?

Let’s check it.

As you can see, this guy has written like 4000 words for this keyword.


Now, if we want to ring for this keyword, we had to write 4000 words of article or 4000 words of content.

We should be engaging content as well.

So because we found that a rich people have written like some 2000, 3000 and 4000 or one guy has even

written 6000 content.

But if we write 4000 content, 4000 articles for this, I mean, 4000 words article for this keyword.

We have a good chance to bring this in.

Google with a few big links, like four to five Bucklings.

So that’s it.

And we need to aid out to the competitors, which are on the same page.

You can just copy and paste it inside your sheet here.

Under this column.

And, of course, will aid the public debt later when we published this article, and we will also aid

the current position in Google, which we will see up or one or two weeks after publishing this article.

So this is the first article, guys.

This is the same process you can use for other keywords, like in the start.

We need like 20 to 30 keywords to start writing content for our site.

So here you can see the minute you were deleted, your words, competition, you were difficult, and

stuff like that.

So you can go F in this list.

For your topic and go and find your keywords using the same method that I told you, and I will also

do the same by adding some more keywords to my sheet.

And then I will come back to another lecture where I will show you a different method to find more keywords.

Using this same tool.

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