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How to Website Speed Optimization for WordPress

This is a whole new section of our Website Speed Optimization, where we will discuss how you can

optimize your Web site so that it can load faster because speed is now very important.

Google ranking factor for ranking in Google.

And that is why you should take care of your speed optimization and you should take it very seriously.

I have pushed back the link-building process to another section because right now we need to set up

our Web site for speed optimization so that it can launch fast on different devices like mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

So you need to keep in mind these seven simple points for speed optimization, especially when you are

using WordPress.

You need to select a fast loading WordPress theme because some teams are learning very slowly and you

should be very careful.

I will give you a list of fast loading press teams that you can use for any type of Web site on


Now, the second point is wide installing unnecessary plugins.

You should guys a wide at all cost extra plugins, which you don’t need for your Web site, only install

the be the plugins which you really need for your Web site.

And then the third important point is this size the images and put it up or any other software.

This is important because sometimes people just get images from the Internet or they just capture with

the camera instead upload to their website.

I know that the portals are very high quality, but that is very large in size, which creates so many

problems for the site to load on different devices.

So that is very important.

You should care.

You should be very careful about that.

And you should use some caching plugins in WordPress.

What is the caching plugin?

Caching plugin is actually a plugin that actually duplicates your pages when someone visits your site.

They actually save that page for that activity in their database.

So the user, when the user comes back to the Web site, they show them that page is set up, you know,

getting a new page from our server.

So this way, the page will look very fast.

Only the page will be updated when there is new content on that page or there is new content on

the home page.

So the caching plugin for WordPress is very, very important.

And we will be installing in a few moments.

The next point is to use a content delivery network, which is also called a citizen.

What is this thing?

This is basically a network that serves you are pages to the users from a nearby Web server.

Like, for example, if I have purchased a Web hosting account from a company that has all the servers

in the US and my visitors are basically in Asia, like in India, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

So when visitors are visiting my site, the pages will be served from the U.S. servers or maybe the

Germanies servers.

But instead of that, if I use a citizen network that is free, by the way, some are free and some

are paid, but we will be using the free one.

Then the Syrian will actually serve the pages from nearby Asabi servers.

Like, if somebody is visiting from Singapore, the citizen will automatically deliver the pages

from a server in Singapore instead of us.

So the time between the server and the browser will be reduced almost to zero.

So that is why we use a content delivery network for speed optimization and for loading our Web site,

you know, fast.

Now, the six-point is a maximum of 10 images per page.

You should use a maximum of 10 images if you can cover your page in Lyssa images like three to four or five


That is the best strategy.

But you shouldn’t go more than 10 images, because if you go more than 10 images, then your site,

your page will have like big size, you know, more than two M.B.

And that is very bad for speed optimization.

Your site will not be loaded immediately and keep the page under two and to m.b is the maximum size

for your page.

Right now in this era, it should be under one m.b.Website Speed Optimization

And a good, you know, appropriate manner but maximum should be doing Bürki.

So instead of using different images, so many images on the pages, you can just use some videos.

You can embed videos from YouTube.

So seven points, just take a screenshot of these seven points and keep it simple.


Which WordPress plugins we can use for speed optimization?

The number one WFC Fosters Kaisha for caching.

This is a free plugin we use for caching or pages and for caching or different like queries with the

user as performing on our site.

We can also use WP Rocket for caching, but that is paid.

That is very good.

Much better than the fastest Keshi.

But that is a bad one.


Website Speed Optimization

And actually, the WP fosters cash is very easy to use and very simple to use.

There are dozens of caching plugins, but this one is the best one because it is very easy to use for


And then the third plugin, which will be using this course is Schadt Pixel Image Optimizer.

This is for images to optimize images when you upload your images.

It will further actually optimize and optimize the images in the images will be with very little size.

But still maintaining the quality.

Cloudflare is a network of content delivery network Soudan, which is free to use. we’ll use that in this course.

And you can use a Lizzi law plugin for images.

Lizzi Leard plugin is a plugin that actually delivers the images dynamically when the user scrolls down

in your page.Website Speed Optimization

It will show the images only when the user has come to that specific.

Area in the page, it will not look at all the images at once.

So this way your site will be actually loading fast.

But by default, many teams have this plugin or this feature Liselotte feature in your default team.

Many teams have this option, but if your team doesn’t have this, then you can install this plugin.

Right now, the team I’m using has this option by default.

So look at this one.

This is our Web site, right?

So this is the Web site.

I have added some more content to this Web site and the home page.

You can see there are like five posts on the main page and there are two pools we can use for checking


Speed up our Web site.

The first one is GTM Metrics dot com.Website Speed Optimization

So this is very popular and normally people use this in the second.

Was it?

One is the official Google page speed.

Google Peach Pit speed.

You need to write Google.

OK, in Google, you right, Google page speed.

And this is the tool.

OK, page speed inside.

Now we need to just copy this Eurail and paste it here.

And geometrics metrics and also in Google.

So we can get the idea.

How much time this Web site is taking right now?

Because we did not do anything for speed optimization when we created this Web site initially.

OK, and we’ll paste the same URL here into Google Page in the site and analyze it..Website Speed Optimization

So this board will give us now the result results and the score out of a hundred.

So we can see what we need to optimize and what we need to do.

OK, here you can see on Google, you can see Google has given us the different reasons for mobile and different

results for poor desktop.

Now, the mobile you can see it is fifty-nine.

So fifty-nine score is basically this basically means you need to improve it.

You know, as you see in the chart here, different options.

Zero two fifty-nine means.

This is critical.

You know, you must improve this.

You should work on that because that is critical and it will impact your ranking actually somewhere

in Google.

But now this is above 50.

So this means we shouldn’t need to improve.

Fifty to eighty-nine means improvement in 90 to 100 means.

This is a very good actual speed, you know, score.

This is OK and similarly is for desktop, you know, but normally desktop should be like ninety, ninety,


Like more than 90 and mobile should be like about 70.

Okay, so about 50, 60, 70 it.

You may also like: content optimize seo

But if you have like 90, that is the best.

Now, look at this tool.

This is very slow because there are so many jobs ahead of us.

But we’ll see that okay.

In our while.

So it is now analyzing our site and you can see where it has generated the result.

Now the page speed score for this is here, you know, ninety-seven, which is a very, very good score,

like more than 90 is a very good score for this GTM metrics and for this Web site.

But why is it low score-wise?

A low score is like, you know.

This is Peach Pit and this is why slow speed.

Now, on this Web site, you need to see all these options here.


Why slow score shows you different problems with your site.

And this shows different problems with your page, OK?

So the thing is, it has taken fully loaded time.

Two-point nine seconds.

Look at your site.

Normally should be loaded fully within three seconds.

So that is OK.

If Lisburn three-second, that is perfectly fine.

The total say page size is four hundred ninety-seven gabey, which is like less than one m.b or hop

m.b and total request is thirty-nine.

So this is just fine.

The total request should be under 50.

And this should be under one M.B, which is just fine.

Loading time is OK.

But the problems will also be shown here.

Like which thing need improvement.

Which plug-in or which script is causing the problem.

So if you click the Heisler.

The wasteful option here, it will suggest to you that user content delivery network Cydia.


So this is, as I mentioned, or really make food HDB request.

This means like there are so many is GTP requests to the servers, which we need to actually reduce in

the third one.

Is it expired headers?

These are technical things which you later on discuss.

But for this will be normally, you know, reduced by the plugin that we use in the next lecture.

And these all submissions are also given in this to the Google page speed.

If you scroll down, they will tell you different things.

Problems with your side-like element, render-blocking resources, reduce emissions or risk response

time, and remove unused VSS.

So these different things, we will cover the next lecture when we optimize like we install the Syrian.

And also install this one like the plugin for caching.

So right now this is the score.

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