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How to select the seo niche keyword?

Basically, you might already have a Web site.

You don’t need to worry about anything because when you learn in this course, you can apply those techniques

on your existing website.

But for now, I’m going to create a Web site from scratch and I’m going to teach you how to find the

niche, the keywords, and then start the website from scratch.

So right now, what is a niche selection for a and which is basically a topic for which you create a

Web site because.

Well, let me ask you in for us.

We need a Web site to optimize.

Basically, experts basically say that s your start before even creating your Web site.

So there are two niches or topics.

One is a broad niche, which is a big topic, and one is micro-niche, which is a small topic or a topic

within a topic.

Now, examples of niches are like ICEL all alterable bikes.

That is a broad niche because I sell every type of bike like a motorbike, sports bike, dirt bike, and

mountain bike.

So that is called a broad niche.

No, when I only sell dirt bikes, there is a micro-niche because that is a topic within a topic.

Now the second example is cambered dot com, which is a broad niche or a broad topic because that has

many types of cameras and many companies.

But when we talk about action cameras, there is a micro-niche because that is a topic within the topic

right now.

There are some very super competitive niches like health, finance, and travel.

These are the super-duper competitive niches.

So you should not try to create a website.

And using these niches, you can still find a micro niche within these niches.

But if you go for a broad need, then that will be very hard and will take so much time, because initially

for this course, I’m going to teach you how you can get results in a reasonable time.

You know, I am going to teach you practically about debt.

Now, sometimes we don’t have any idea.

We have an empty mind.

We don’t have any idea for niche selection.


So some places out there which we can use to get a niche basically for our website because we are

going to do this from scratch.

So there are four websites,, dot com udemy, dot com, and Wikipedia are the places where we

will go to find a niche, basically.

OK, so I’m going straight to dot com and this is the number one marketplace to sell and buy websites,

blogs and businesses.SEO niche keyword SEO niche keyword

Literally, you can sell any type of business online.

What we need to do, we need to do go and click the browse and then click websites.

OK, so we get the websites and they are here because we want to see websites which are sold on this

website already and so for a very good amount so we can get an idea about that.

So once you are here, we need to click the established websites so we get the list of established Web

sites like this website is about a convertor which was just sold for twenty-one thousand dollars.

It is now sold by the highest bidders.

Twenty-one thousand.

OK, we can scroll down here and just click recently sold an unchecked open.

OK, so we’ll only get the websites which are sold like this one is sold for seven thousand dollars

and it is just about, you know, barratry in the Hindi language, not in English.

This one eight thousand two hundred about electronics and sometimes you will find like a very huge amounts


OK, so like small websites you can see in big websites, laptop explorer dot com is sold for sixteen

thousand dollars, which was making only one hundred twenty-seven dollars a month.

So you can see like laptops have very good potential here.

So does the website use different filters?

And then there is another website, YouTube dot com, which is the biggest e-learning platform on the

Internet.SEO niche keyword

You go to the categories, these are the main categories.

Then we have the subcategories and inside the subcategories, we have these topics which you can say is

a micrometer, OK?

And these are the broad niches.

So there are so many topics in all these topics when people search for that sort.

Growing demand, so you can find your topic here as well.

Now, the next option is Wikipedia.

Well, you just need to write in Google a list of hobbies and you will get this page where you can see

all the hobbies.

We don’t usually all birds in general, hobbies and different types of hobbies.

This is a very huge list.

You can find your niche, your topic for your blog, or your site here as well.

The last one is, which is the largest marketplace on the Internet where people sell these products.

You can see there are so many millions of products, right.

So what do you need to do?

You need to just go here and click all.

And these are the categories, the main categories on, for example, if you click this category,

baby, and just search without writing, without writing anything, then you will get the speech of different

baby products.

make money online

But the main thing to notice is here you can see under the baby there are different categories.

So these are basically the micro niches you can go for and create a website or blog on that, you know,

like activity in entertainment, baby and toddler cries, baby care.

These are all basically micro niches.

You can go and create your own website for that.

Now, you might have a different reason for creating a website and learning eShop to get more customers

and to get results from Google.

You might have e-commerce like this website.

You know, I’m just showing you the different types of niches.

So this is an e-commerce store where these guys are selling different electronics items like cameras

and, you know, different stuff.

So this is basically a broad niche because the guy is selling many, many things.

Now, the next Web site is a local business, or you can see a local company website about moving and

taking services in London.

Now, this is basically you can see a micro-niche because they are related to a city in London and they’re

just doing the one specific thing.

So you might also have a company website or a local business or you might have e-commerce like this.

Or you might also have a blog type of website, which is also called a content-based website.

So this is a blog, basically, my own blog, where I write content about traveling.

So this is also a broad niche but at the same time a different type of website, whatever type of

website you have, you can still apply all these techniques on your site.

Right now, you just go and explore this for websites to find your niche.

If you have not yet found your niche.

If not, then I have a surprise for you.

This is a huge list of niche ideas.

Okay, this is a sheet.SEO niche keyword

And you can this is attached to the video resource file.

Look, you go there, download this one and just scroll down.

You will see all the niches here, guys, about broad niches, micro-niches.

And there are more than 3000 niches.SEO niche keyword


You just go to whatever topic you like, you just click and copy that.

And I have another sheet inside this file, which is called My Favorite Images.

You can see here there are two columns, my favorite branches, and my favorite microliters.

Let’s say I did this one, copy and paste baby food.

This is a niche, a micro-niche.

And I added that here you can do the same.

One last thing.

While selecting your niche you can do is go to Google and write Google Trends, click Google Trends.

This is a free tool that you can use for checking the niche, whether it is a seasonal niche or evergreen.

OK, if it is seasonal, like a holiday type of niche, then you should avoid that.

OK, so let’s search by adding our keyword, which is for baby food.


And click search.

You can see Google Google Trends is showing the data for the last 12 months.

We can change that to five years and you can change the country from us to any other country because

maybe you are targeting any other country for your blog or your site.

Now, scroll down and you can see the chart is stable.

So that means this keyword is OK.

But when you scroll down more, you see, like some of the states, the blue ones have interest in this

keyword and on don’t have any interest.

Virginia has more interest than New Jersey, Arizona, and Indiana.

And we can also compare it with dystonic like.seo niche keyword

Let’s go to this baby killer, which is another existing in our shit, let’s add this one here, OK,

and find out which one is better so you can see baby food and baby gear.

The red one is baby gear and the blue one is baby food diet.

OK, so I think the red one has more searches and more interest.

And if we scroll down more, you can see it.

The entire U.S. has an interest in food, for baby gear.

You can see the red one is very, very large, you know, in the blue, and it’s a very tiny one.

So that means it is very easy for us to decide and to go for baby gear instead of baby food diet because

this is a much better one.


So this is it.

This is the way to find niches.

And sometimes, like, you can check for a seasonal keyword, like, let’s say I find it a keyword, for

example, Christmas.

Christmas tree.

OK, I’m just giving you an example.

This is a very, very, very simple example, but it’s OK Christmas tree.

If you check this Christmas tree, which is a keyword, or you can see a niche, you’ll see only in

December it is getting interesting.

And then in other months, you see there is nothing.

So sometimes when you have a topic that is only searched in a specific month or a part of the year,

that means that is not an evergreen topic.seo niche keyword

That is a seasonal keyword.

So you can avoid that.

OK, now just go and find your niche in that to my favorite niches.

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