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[14+Ways]How to Optimize Content for SEO 2021

Are you a New Blogger who’s confused with what to do about SEO? If yes! then you just need this article. Here we will be discussing ‘How to Optimize Content for SEO in 2021’.

There are many ways to Optimise content and integrate SEO into it, and rank tops in search engines like Google or Bing. But which are to be followed? How to do those? To shed all your questions and get the most of SEO, we came up with this article.

If you read this article with utmost attention, I’m sure that you may get many ideas on how to optimize content for SEO. So let’s dig into the Top 15 Proven Ways of Optimizing Content for SEO.

Top 15 Proven Ways of Optimizing Content for SEO in 2021

Believe it or not, the things we have placed here are practiced by top bloggers, we ourselves also use these and the results are promising as always.

1.Be Creative With the Headlines

To make it simple create stunning Headlines as of in the image below,

How to Optimize Content for SEO

The main thing visitors are attracted to is headlines, and they also play a crucial part in SEO.

Tip: You can always search google and find the best headlines for your articles.

2. Intro Paragraph

The introduction or beginning is the most important thing, as said first impression is the best impression, always try to gain attention in the first place.

Optimize Content

You have to write something interesting and captivating with the best ideas for the introduction.


Tip: When you start to write a blog, you can use the PPP formula.

So what is the PPP Formula? What is the full form of  PPP? How to Apply PPP Formula? Well, here it is,


P – Preview

Give a Preview.

Don’t Brag or Confuse Your Audience. Just shoot them with a Straight Preview.


P – Promise

Promise Them.

In your Intro Paragraph, Promise them that You Will Give them a Solution.


P – Proof

Give a Proof.

Promising without Proof doesn’t even count. Give them Real Proof that your Content is Going to help them.


Here are 3 such examples to make you understand,


Ex 01: If the target Keyword is ‘5 Ways to Lose Weight in 2019’. Then,

Preview – Today I’m going to show you 5 fast ways to lose weight.

Promise – The methods are 100% Scientific and Natural.

Proof – In fact, one of the readers lost 5 kgs in 1 month.


Ex 02: If the target keyword is ‘How to Make Money in 2019’. Then,

Preview – Today I’m going to show you how to make money in 2019.

Promise – These methods are best that can replace your job.

Proof – In fact, Suresh is earning Rs. 80,000 every month with these tricks.


Ex 03: If the target keyword is ‘Best Tourism Place in Delhi’. Then,

Preview – There are so many beautiful places to visit in Delhi.

Promise – Even Some of the Places are Dream Places for Everyone.

Proof – In fact, some people said that I will come back soon again.


This formula is rarely discussed and you can’t find this anywhere else. If you follow these steps you will definitely get the best results for your blog.


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3. Insert the Target Keyword in Headlines

Always make sure you insert the primary keyword within headlines. These include all H1, H2, H3, and other tags.


how to make best headlines

The headlines look Amazing! Aren’t they?

4.Insert the Target Keyword in the Description

The description is something that is seen below the title in the Google search. Hence, it is as important as the title, so be sure to be attractive.


5.Target Keyword in Permalink.

Using keywords in permalinks makes it possible for the bots to understand your content with ease. Thus, helps in SEO.

How to fix pramalink in wordpress

6.Target Keyword in the First 50 Words

Make sure to always have your target keywords in the first 50 words of the article. Here’s how,

7.LSI Keywords in First 100 Words.

8.Have 2-3 Internal Links With the Article

Make sure to have 2 or more internal links for every blog post, so that if one article gets ranked, the other too will meet the same place.


9.Assign Few Secondary Keyword

Most people think that only primary keywords are important, but secondary keywords should be used once in a while.


10.Link to Reputable Sources (External Linking)

Well, this is actually interesting, if you find any reputed or well-known sites from your niche, you can reach them and get the external links.

how to do seo optimize content

11.Create Your Graphics

This may sound irrelevant, but it does have an impact on your SEO. Always try to have your own images, especially copyright-free.

12.Use Primary Keyword in Image

Every image has an attribution tag, it’s better to use the keyword there too…! If the image gets ranked, the post will also get ranked in no time.

13.One Paragraph should not contain more than 4 lines.

To put it simply, it’s always good to have points instead of paragraphs. However, paragraphs are mandatory too, hence try using paragraphs that are not too lengthy.

[14+Ways] How to Optimize Content for SEO 2021  Easy Guide.


14.Avoid Images with Copyright Infringements.

As said above, always make sure you never use images from others in your post. This may affect your SEO.

How to Optimize Content for SEO.

15. Check Once that Everything is Natural.

Google knows everything so make sure your blog looks natural and reader-friendly. It’s always better to have a final check before posting!

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Seo course free

Blogger tips


That’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed and learned what you needed. If you have found this helpful please share and help other bloggers.

Have any queries? Our comment section is live, put it there, and will try to respond soon…! Happy Blogging!

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