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Overview of Google Search Console Dashboard

Today I will show you the complete Overview of the Google Search Console Dashboard

have actually verified our site inside such concern.

Now, let’s take us too short in our view of this account.

What options do they have when you enter the search console account, you will see this in our view, which

is the performance of your site.

Right now, we don’t have any debt up.

But you can see.

Coverage is OK.

Zero pages with errors.

This means you are all good.

You are going well because no errors on our Web site enthrall.

Well, it pages that mean this is green and everything is just fine here.

You can see mobile visibility.

Zuki’s sightly search box is one in three valid and zero errors.

So these things you will, if you have site has so many errors, you will find them here.

But you’re doing what is sometimes you will get errors in the errors will automatically be removed as


So you don’t need to worry too much about that.

Now, the next thing is the performance, which is the important section here.

OK, so the performance is basically here.

You will see the data from search engines like the total clicks on your side to make some different

keywords when you appear in such as in results.

Google impressions, impressions mean as somebody has just viewed your site in the search zone,

but did not like that.


So every city out means people have seen the Web site and they click like if 10 people had just seen

your site in the search results in one has clicked.

That means every city I will be in.

And if one hundred people have seen your site or your article in search results in just one guy has

clicked, then that means if this ETR will be one in every position is right now, you’re going to see


This is not a position because our site is not yet in search engines, but the average position means

that you are keywords have a rich position like that.

So right now if you see these are the keywords which I did, I don’t know, it is a keyword like somebody

had just search for a YouTube channel on our site that has popped up.

So that’s not a big deal.


And the range for this data, you can see by default, is three months.

You can just click and change it to like last twenty-eight days.

That’s seven days.

The most recent date on the last 12 months or whatever.

You can also select a custom range here.

So this is the thing.

And one very good thing inside this Google search console is this new option.

When you click the new option, you can add a query here, a pretty mean like some keyword you can

add in Google to insure you from your site.

You are at this site.

All you are just performing in such as of ah ah ah.

You can also add a page and you can also add a country.

You can a device.

Now the next thing is you are at inspection using this tool.

You can inspect some of your friends like for example if I go to this article which Kim Roar’s famous

YouTube was used for logging.

So I will add this because you are and should be from the same Web site or the same domain.


So you can inspect you are on whether the user is already indexed in Google or not or whether the

you are it has any problem.

So I just pasted that and I will click enter.

So Google will read to you this new order and see Google is saying, like, your model is not on Google.

This page is not on Google.

Google has not yet growled and nothing did. to index url on google

So when you see this thing, you can just click it w indexing.

So you are actually requesting Google to index this.

You are faster because this is already on your site.

And Google does not have not yet crowded and has not yet indexed it.

So this happens with new science.

I mean, your site is already running and has so many pages and is regularly updated, then you will

not see this, this option.

But still, you can expect any of your new you.

So I will just click indexed this page so you can click this index and Google will act medically stock

testing the URL, it will check whether it is lying or not.

The worst.


You can also check: Link Building

As you can see, indexing was requested.

Okay, so you are all of us added to a priority call.

Q And submitting up it multiple times will not change its position or priority.

So you don’t need to submit it again after one day.

If you see this once again, you inspect this.

You are.

You would see it all green in already indexed by Google.

So there are the two you can use for you on an inspection.

And this is good.

When you want to win, you want Google to index your new page quickly.

So for new pages, you can always use this, too.

There is no problem with that.

Now, the next option is the coverage that these first options are just for our view.

Now you see the index in the index, you can see there are different tools.

The first one is coverage.

And when you click the coverage, you will see all of the pages, you know, with the errors.

If your pages have an error, you will see it here.

Right now, there is no data.

So to zero and Villard pages are well.

So this is green, you know, in excluded are, too.

I don’t know how we excluded these two pages, but we’ll see that later.


So you can see this is simple you don’t need to worry about anything.


If you see errors, then you just need to find out what has created errors.


So right now we are OK.

The next option is to side maps with lakeside maps.

There is no site map.

I can just go in it.

A site map here.


So where we can find a site map, we can just Google our dashboard.

And s your plugin you see here.

Inside the SUV plug-in option, there is XM outside my book.

It’s immense as a uses segment.

So it’s like that in there.

We have the site map.

So, you know, if I think Jindal, you see there is an option, call you your site.


So just click it and copy you are all on the top.

You can see it.

Is this you are it site maps doc XM.

If if you are using you as your plugin you will have an option there as well.

If you are using the ink mat.

There is also an option for Sinemet, but right now we are using SVO press.

So this is the site map.

You are OK and just come here.

I will paste that you are here but since Gamora list dot com is already there.

So I will remove the rest of the.Google Search Console

You are in an orderly site, Mr. Zimmerman.

Now I would like to submit it.

So it will be submitted to Google.

So it is submitted successfully and.

I Will put in French it, but it will fetch it.

Now you can see it is a success when refreshed.

It is sexist.

OK, sexist means.

It has been successfully sued by Google, is indexed by Google.

Side by side.

Members are very important.

Side may be important because sitemap has all of your pages.

As you can see here, all of your categories are on your pages, on your post.

So all that data is inside the site map and it will make it easy for Google Kraeutler to find all of

your pages from a single file instead of going to every single page on your site.

So that is why you can always add your site map here.

And when you add new pages to our site map, those pages will automatically be inside this site map.

So because we just edit you are up outside Mabior.

So Google will always be coming to this file and looking for new pages.

So that’s it.

Now the next option here is the removal.

This removal option is very important when you want to delete some content from Google.

Sometimes you have outdated content on your site, which you want to remove.

So, therefore, that, you know, this tool is a lifesaver.

You can just click new request it.

You are here and you can just click next, next, next, and remove that.

You are entirely from Google.

This is very useful for removing you are you are in all the next options are about enhancements for

web whitens.

What is this?

Right now we don’t have any data, but sometimes later we will have some data here.

This is all about like core web.

Why do they call?

Our website is very and user-friendly.

You know, this data is taken from Google Chrome browser when people visit our site using Chrome browser.

So the data will be shown here, like whether our Web site is mobile-friendly, distro friendly, mobile-friendly or not.

So if there are very serious issues, then we need to work on the Web site so we can make it mobile-friendly fast.

And all the errors we get here, we can work on that.

OK.Google Search Console

And the next option is about mobile visibility and mobile visibility is OK.

You can see that no innovation while Mitt visited.

Visibility pages are just valid for mobile.

We have just three articles.


And then we have the site links.

It is also fine.

You don’t need to check that.

So here, one last option I can tell you right now is this Lynx option, okay?

So the Lynx option is all about how many links your website has, whether it be interlinks or external

links or Internet links or backlinks or whatever.

All the links will be displayed here in this section.

Right now, we just have some Internet links you can see inside the intentness link area.

Internet links.Google Search Console

You can see some internal links we have, but we don’t have external links.

And later on, when we extend the links, all of those will be displayed here.

So this little thing, this is just for display.

You will just see how many things you have.Google Search Console


And the last option is the setting where you can remove you are this property or you can use any other

method to verify your site.


So that’s it.

Some options here like security and manual actions are for users like, you know when you have some

data here, you know, the mid-term election is if you click that, it would say no issues.

Detective, sometimes Google actually manually analyze your site or manually penalize some pages inside

your site so that those messages will be displayed here.

And security issues are like when your site is hacked or your site has some very serious issue.

And Google cannot actually exist.

Your site will be displayed here inside the security issues.

So this was a guy who is all about these options inside the search console.

I hope you understood what I said.

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