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Creating Social Profile Links (For Link Building) 2021

Today I will show you how to Creating Social Profile Links?

You might be thinking, when will we get traffic from Google guys?

You as a slow process.

As I am saying, again and again, it will take some time, like in the first two to three months.

You need to consistently it content to your site and you need to add more and more articles to your

Web site.

Right now we have just three articles and I will be adding more articles because this is a real Web

the site and I are working on this Web site for the sake of discourse.

So I want to show you the reasons.


So for now, we need to actually create, you know, pages and profiles on social media so that we have,

you know, brand awareness of our site on social media.

This is very important.

And this is the starting point of link building that you have the least links on social media.

So what do you need to do?

You need to just go to Google and write, create a Facebook page.

When you write that, you will see this first page cleared Facebook page, and here you can create a

new Facebook page.


And if your business or website is about business or brand, then you can start it.

You can get started with this option.

Or if you are pages about community or public figures, then you can start this one.

OK, whatever.

When you click this, you need to add a name to your page.

This is a very, very easy, and simple process.


And also in a category like, for example, our Web site, our name will be Camera Guide.

And this camera guide is related to electronics or cameras.

Okay, so Camera Guide will be the name.

For Page, and this will be like a camera.

Okay, so this is the thing and then we’ll click continue, and after that, we’ll age some provide picture.

If I go next.


So you already manage, OK?

Because I already have created this page.

That’s why it is giving me errors.

So when you click continue, you just need to add the picture profile picture in a competent and then

you would have a page like this one.

So I just created this page for this Web site.

Camera Guide is the name of the page, and you just need a color picture and a profile picture, and then

you have to do it.

Every time you publish a new post, you just add it to your page.

So this way you are actually creating links for your content.

This is basically called Social Signals and SVO, but still, it is fine.

You should do this, right.

One protip I want to give you here because in the start you won’t have any likes or any, you know,

any audience for your page.

So what do you need to do?

Share your content on Facebook, on your page.Creating Social Profile Links

You will see this option boost when you click the boost, it will reach so many people, like thousands

of people.

So you will get many legs and many visitors to our site and many likes to your page.

So either you have some like 3000 to 4000 likes.

Did you get to share your content with people?

And people will be able to like and share your content.

And it will actually improve your MCO.

So this is a tip I can give you.

Like just by spending 20 to 50 dollars, you will get so many next to your page.


Now, here is the.

So many options with the page.

When you get on the page, you will see many options here.

LIPSYTE One option.

Is this about nuclear?


So here you can add your Web sites address on your you.

I can show you.

You can see the Web site you are, Liz, is there, I have edited that, a G.P.S. camera list, dot


So you can go to about an ED link up your website here.

And also here in the abortifacient, you can once again link up your site.

And then inside the story, you can see this is a study.

If I click it, did the.

I will show you.

OK, so here is the link.

You can also check: Link Building

And now if I click the story.

I bet you again, it is the link again, HSDPA, the dot com, so three times I have edited my link

to this page.

And this is looking good because already we have a link here we are content here.

We are constantly shooting on Pontin or on our page.

And this is a brand awareness of social media.

Similar things you should do on Twitter.

You should create a similar profile for that brand.

This is my personal profile, but I’m just showing you, for example, you you should create separate

Twitter ideas for your business on that Web site.Creating Social Profile Links

You should do that for Pinterest, for LinkedIn, for Instagram, for Reddit, and also for Corta dot


These are very, very popular social media platforms.

And I would even say you should give you a YouTube channel for you are that Web site because you can

add a link to your YouTube channel as well.

And if I show you one of my channels.Creating Social Profile Links

So all of these Web sites will have a link.

Yoast plugin

And you are about section in.

Some of the links will be like no-follow.

Some will be like do-follow, which I will, you know, extend to you later.

What is do-follow and what does not follow.

But like, you will start getting, you know, some links, building some links, which will be good

for the initial start.

And later on, will it will do proper link building for domain authority and also for reinking or keywords

if our keywords are stuck somewhere in Google ranking.

So that’s it, guys.

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