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Domain Name Selection & Niche Categories 2021[Guided]

Hello Guys today I will show you how to selectDomain Name Selection, Competitors & Niche Categories 2021[Guided].

We were in the cause, I have found my niche and I hope you have found yours.

I will share my niche on the website with you, which I have selected.

But for now, our next step is the domain name selection.

So in this video, I’m going to give you some tips about domain name selection as far as you’re concerned.

So there are three types of domain names.

The first one is branded domain name.

The second one is a partial domain name.

And the third one is the exact match domain, which is also called IMed.

So let me show you some examples like Google dot com, yahoo dot com.

These are branded domain

Any company name or any name you select for your business is basically a branded name.

Sometimes people use partial domains.

What is the partial match?best-domain-for-blog

Partial match means that you are using a keyword inside your domain, like one keyword, not aliki word,

but some part of your keyword.

Like in this case, the green kitchen dot com is about kitchen stuff, right?

So the kitchen is used with the domain name.

Green is a random word and kitchen is a part of the

So this is a partial domain, which is very, very safe in SVO and normally people use this one.

I also use this type of domain name because that is very safe from Google Penalty.

But many people also use the exact domain, like in this case you do, to impede reconverted dot com.

This is the exact keyword for which the person wants to link their website and they have used the

keyword in the domain name.

So this is also okay.

But sometimes Google penalize your site for using so many keywords like that is called keyword stuffing

in domain for the blog

So we normally use the partial match that is on the same side.

Now I will give you a few tips for selecting a good domain name, which is also SEO friendly.

So first of all, try to make it short and easy to remember, like when people remember your site name,

that is very good.

When they return, it will ultimately help your site grow more.

Second, try to avoid halfpence in numbers.

You should try to really avoid taipans in numbers.

If that is not necessarily right, try to get dot com for an international website or other domain names

are also or key.

But dot com is a very famous and very popular extension for domains.

So you should always first try to get dot com for an international Web site like any Web site you’re creating

for the entire world.

Try to use the localized domains for local businesses such as that.

You get at B.K. that I end like if you are having a company website or a local business website, then

try to create.

Right to get the local domain

Like if you are doing business in the UK, get the UK domain in India, get the high end, that will

help you more in local searches and also in the local SVO.

For that, I have a separate section in Discoursed Latron.

But let’s now go and I will show you this is basically the niche list ideas.

And I have created I have selected this website, this niche about cameras.

You can see there are four different keywords I got from the list.

These are basically microliters camera reviews, budget cameras, login camera action cameras.

But what I can do, I can simply combine, make them a single niche, which will be about cameras.

And that is basically a broad niche, actually.


So I’m going to create a website about cameras now.

This is the website.

You can see the user name

Here you can

Domain name solutions.

Right, so simply you have to add your keyword, like in my case, I read it camera reviews.

And I will search for it, right?

So when I search for it, it will give me hundreds and hundreds of suggestions.

If that name is not available, it will recommend using similar names or good names.

So one thing I want to mention here again, that you should go for two words to a man named not more

than two words.

You can also check: Low competition keyword

If you ate more than two words, then it will not be easy to remember right now.

Here you can see in the association, it has given me so many domain names, I can go and go and find

a very good, nice, friendly name, which is easy to remember, which is short and which is still related

to my topic.


And I’m using my keyword as well inside the domain name.

So this is a partial domain name.

Basically, there is another tool, this one where you just need to write your keyword and you will see

instant suggestions.


So I just added a camera and it has given me so many, so many suggestions right there.

You change the keyword and you will see more and more, you know, suggestions.

So after you selected the name here, if you found the name, then go to name cheap dot com.

I have created the link to this website so you can still go and add your name there.

I have selected this name actually camera list, dot com and I have registered it.

But let’s see, you just heard the exact name with the dot com or whatever domain extension you have

selected and then search for that, right?

It will say it is not available right now because I have already bought this, but it will show you

other related domains right here, you can see.

But this one I have already registered already.

So that’s it.

Now, I have another sheet where I can show you in this file.

Actually, there are three sheets.

The first one is about competitors.

Now we have to find some competitors and we will aid the competitor you earlier than the domain rating,

monthly traffic.

And whether that website is smaller, Baik will add that data here.

At least you should attend websites from your competitor list.

And then I have another sheet about the brand plans.

My website is this one.

Actually, I already have bought the domain name, which is a camera list dot com using the same process.

I went to this website and this website.

I search there and found this domain name and then I bought it through name cheap.

Now I have the domain name already and I have selected categories for this domain, like you should

add some then at least ten categories.

How you can find these categories.

Just go to Google and your site like whatever niche you have selected.

Simply it is the main keyword.

OK, here, like in my case I simply edit budget karmas

And then I change the topic again and again, like budget cameras, action cameras, and different keywords

are used and you go to the website, whatever websites you find, just go to this website and check

their menus and you will easily find categories for your niche or your domain, like senior travel days,


And if you go to another website, you will see the difference, you know, different categories here as


The third one reviews phones, laptops, cameras.

If you go-to cameras, you will see all the categories, right?

So at least ten categories you can add to your brand plan.

And this is about your website and then the estimated number of posts you can add to that category.

It is just a rough idea.

Not exactly.

OK, so I have added something like 200 posts and then I have written here two hundred posts in one year


You may also check :best domain name for blog

So this is my goal for this website, which I will be doing practically in front of you.

And I hope we will be receiving traffic to this website.

We will be driving traffic from Google and I will be showing you that practically.

And I want you to create and follow the process along with me so you can also get success and do something

practical during this course.


So this is for the categories I have edited.

You should it do know the third sheet here is very important and that is about keywords.

So in this sheet, we have the main keyword-related keywords, competition, Khiva, difficulty content,

linoleic, like what type of content we have to post what lineup content actually the published at

the top competitors for this keyword we have on Google already and then the current position.

So basically the current position in Google will be actually updating this

So this is all the data.the best domain for the blog

And in the next video, I’m coming back and we will be starting Keywell research practically.

But right now, as I can show you, we have selected.

OK, competitors, how you can find the competitors for your niche, right?

This is very easy.

This is not difficult simply.

We had to go to these different categories because these are the main categories which we will

be adding to the menu of our website, and then we will be writing Bino content using different keywords

that we will find later on in the upcoming lectures.

So simply we can domain for blog

The competitor, by copying this keyword, let’s say this one, and go to Google, like we already have

that camera there, OK?

And Ed, all of these websites, you know, go to this website and check out them, whether they are

related to our website or not, if they’re not relevant, then we will ignore them like like we cannot

it every website.

But we can edit some websites, OK, like up to 10 or 20 websites so we can learn from them.

We can find what they are doing, what is their strategy for linking and for keywords and different



So you just what you need to do is go to check it out one by one, the keywords to Google and open some

20 to 30 websites like this website is a big website.

And this is all about cameras.


So they have other things.

But this is also about the camera.

So I will go and add this website.

To the list, right?

And the demand rating, the monthly to big or

This is a big website because this is very famous.

So I have written big now for demand reading and monthly trapping traffic, we can use the tool, which

is called add up.the best domain for the blog

So I’m just going to open the tool right now.

OK, guys, I have opened the site now here I will paste the Yooralla, that website, this is called

Entraps This Tool.

I will explain this in upcoming videos and you will then learn about it.

OK, there is no worry about that word.

For now.the best domain for the blog

We are just checking this website, this domain name, using this tool to find out domain rating or

you can sell domain authority and also the traffic it receives per month from

So the domain authority is very huge.

It is 90.

So that is.

I will.

I will be right here.

90 monthly traffic.

I have to see.

How much traffic it is receiving, I think it is a very big site, actually, you can see the number

of backlists, a number of refereeing domains.

So the traffic is almost 25 million.

OK, so 25 million per month, OK?best-domain-for-blog

This is huge, man.

So this is a big website now, you will find small websites as well like you make a list of 20 websites.

Go and check every one of those websites, but make sure that website is relevant to ours.

Like sometimes people write articles about different topics or a multiple-topic website will not here

as a competitor, will it only websites which are exactly our competitors.


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