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13 SEO Link Building Methods for 2021

Link building is like big born NSU and search engines really like quality burgling.

When you have quality backlinks are pointing to your site, then you are getting good ranking positions

in Google.

So in this whole section, we’ll discuss do’s and don’ts.

UpLink building link building for Domain Authority, which is also called Dhia and Link Building for

Reinking keywords.

You should know that there is a difference between domain authority, big links, and backings for your

keywords because domain authority is only the domain.

The address, the main home page up your Web site.

When we create BECC links for the home page, that means we are just increasing the domain authority

and for keywords, for ranking keywords.

We have to create backlinks for that specific article or that single post.

So then that page will get more value and more link juice from search engines and the ranking will be

improved basically.

So this is the very big difference between link building for domain authority and also for keywords.


And then we’ll discuss anchor text distribution for Bucklings, which is very important because

you have to diversify your anchor text distribution.

We will also check competitors’ backlink sources from where they are actually getting the battling.

So we can also try our luck there for creating backlinks.

And guest posting is a very, very powerful way to create better links.

We’ll talk about that as well.

And then resource page backlinks and broken Bucklings opportunities.

These all will be the topics in this section.

And let me tell you guys that Google wants you to Ahlberg links.

Google doesn’t want you to create big links.

Google just wants you to earn it, like get it naturally from Web sites, because this is big link is

a word of confidence for your content, for your Web page.

And Google wants other pages.

Other Web sites on the Web to link back to you.

But naturally, you know, they should do it without, you know, without any favor.

That is why Google likes Nettelbeck linking.

But, you know, the sad truth is that 80 percent of the Web sites and 80 percent of the pages on the

Internet doesn’t get any better links.

Naturally, that is why we had to create backlinks.

But we had to do this in a way that Google understands it.

It is happening naturally.

You know, we shouldn’t do too much backlinking and we should not create spammy backlinking backlinks

so that Google actually cannot you us penalty for those burgling.

So we’ll have to keep a balance on that.

And that is what we will be discussing in this whole section.

will duck about do’s and don’ts of backlinks.

What to do while creating big links in what not to do.

So I’m keeping it very, very simple.

Just these three things in the Doose like relevancy is the key when the site is relevant to your site.

This is the key, guys.

This is a very, very good and powerful thing when you are backlinking your getting backlinks from

a Web site which is similar to yours or on the same topic or maybe like the related topic.

The second thing is that authority is a plus point.

If the Web site is relevant and also an authority Web site like the domain rating is very high and it is

an established Web site.

Then this is a plus point.

It will help more and more to push the ranking for us for a specific keyword and do-follow is the backbone

of Becke links.

Why do follow is the backbone.

Because do follow will pass Jews.

The actual Jews.

The actual value to that link in it.

It will power up for ranking in Google.

Now what you don’t need to do is do nor submit your site to dyadic trees.

Deitrich trees were used like in 2010 and 2012.

At that time, you know, there were OK and useful for ranking.

But now most of the dyadic resubmission sites are spammy Web sites and if you submit your site there,

then it can get penalized by Google for spamming.

However, we use directory submission for local businesses.

If you have a local business, for example, a service, a restaurant, a hotel, or any type of local

business, then there are some directories where you can submit your site in this directory as a directory

is are really very high authority and also legitimate.

So that is for directory submission and never, ever create spammy burgling spammy beginning’s means

like a very, very low authority.

It’s relevant sites, you know, so you don’t need to create better links there.

It will harm the site instead of helping it.

And no paid Bulc links, no paid bulk links means you should not buy bulk links for your site legs.

You will go to different websites like FireWire, dot com, and others like S you collect ARCOM and people

are selling like 1000.

Becklin is just for five or ten dollars.

You shouldn’t buy those backlinks.

Okay, now let me tell you something practically.

This is our Web site.

You can see this is about cameras, right?

Cambra list dot com.

Now we need to find relevant Web sites where we can create better links.

So, for example, this is a Web site, although it is not a high authority site, it is relevant.

This is about cameras.

So if you check the ranking of this Web site or the authority, it is 17, D.R is 17.

And you can see it is just getting five hundred eighteen organic traffic from Google.

Still, this will be very useful if we get a big link from this Web site, which is a new Web site,

you know, competitively other Web sites.

This one digital camera world dot com, which is a very famous Web site, very high authority Web site,

is still relevant to our Web site.

So if we get a beggaring from here, that will power up or our keyword, you know, that will help us

a lot because this is a very high authority Web site.

So sometimes if we have to pay for the burgling from this Web site, then we should do that, because

this is a very, very high authority Web site.

And that that beveling will help us a lot and ranking for long term.


Because you can see the rating of this Web site is very high, like 78.

Yooralla is also very high now.

Similarly, if we see this Web site, this is about dog help, dog help dot com.

This is a high authority Web site, but this is not relevant to our niche, which is about cameras.

So we should avoid Bucklings from this Web site.

We should not do an effort.

Edgerly, if this Web site gives us a Becklin, naturally.

That’s fine.

That’s fine.

That is no issue.

But we should not go there and ask them for Becque links because this is actually a relevant site.

But this Web site is irrelevant and at the same time, it is a law authorities site, then it will not

help at all.

So that is why we need to, first of all, find relevant Web sites and we need to find authority Web

sites to create better links.

But that is not always possible.

You can also check: Low competition keyword

You should remember that SMU is a very slow game and backlinks is a very, very difficult task in SVO.

You know, you have to be very.

Very careful, you have to wait for backlinks.

It will take a long time and it is a long process.

It is an ongoing process to create backlinks.

This is not a single day or a single month or three months, you know, period.

This will take time and time and all the time.

You have to create better links because you want to stay on Google for the ranking that you got for

the position that you got.

So the thing is, when you create backlinks, that does not mean you will automatically get better

ranking because Google has to actually index those backlinks, which you have created.

So Google has to crawl those and then index them after that, you will get a boost in your ranking.

So this is all we will be discussing in this section.

And sometimes we have to go and create some profile beckoning King Bucklings, which can be irrelevant.

But that’s OK.

There’s fine.

Welcome back.

The first 2 months of your new Web site like this is just

for new Web sites.

I created the Web site about cameras.

It is just one month or so.

I have to wait one more month to apply this strategy.

What is this strategy in the first two months?

You know, guys, a new Web site is not easily recognized by Google because a new Web site is new.

It is like a new Webshop.

You know, if look, I can give you some examples, like Amazon is a very, very old and very, very,

you know, trusted Web site for shoppers.

But if you open a new store, then people are not going to buy from you because you are a new guy.

You know, people are not going to trust you unless you establish yourself in you satisfy your customers.


So this is the same thing.

Google has like, you know, billions of Web pages already indexed in their database.

So they are not going to just, you know, drink a new Web site.

So it will take time.

So the first two months you should publish.

You should focus actually on the content of your site.

If you have a blog site like I’m a blogger, so I will publish content regularly.

If you have any other site, like an e-commerce site or any other company Web site, then you should

add all the pages in all the categories, in all the content to your site regularly for the first two



And you should post like 20 to 40 articles in the first two months for new Web sites.

And then you create social media accounts like go to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and

all these social media.

Add your detail there.

Add your link there.

That is just fine because Google knows it.

We know that whenever a new business comes online, they create these profiles for their business.

This is just a normal thing.

You can share your content that there is no problem because most of the social media Web sites give

you no follow battling.

So that has no actual value.

But social signals are valuable for us.

You know, the thing is, after that, in the first two months, we can create profile Bucklings profile

break links are backlinks where we create profiles and different platforms like some social media

platforms, some social bookmarking sites, some other Web sites like Amazon, dot com, some teaching

Web sites like some other technology Web sites like Amazon, dot com.

So there are so many hundreds and thousands of Web sites where we can just go create a profile engine,

just add or link there.

This is also natural.

may be also like this articles: How to get started with link building

This is also normal.

And it is also wired head that there’s no harm in that.

And it will help you in domain authority nor drinking the keywords, the actual keywords, but will

help you in domain authority, which looks good, by the way, to advertisers.

And it can give you some money value when people see your demand rating is good.

So we’ll create a profile, big links and those backlinks will take time for Google to index them so

we can create them right away.

There is no problem.

Google will slowly index them and count them, actually.

And then we can also use social bookmarking sites to share our content.

I will give you a list of all these platforms so you don’t need to worry about that.

So this is the task for the first two months, which is okay, because, after two months, we can straight

go and create backlinks for those articles that are truly the articles that we have.

The keyword that we have.

So we need to rank them because, by default, we are expecting that those low difficulty keywords in

low competition keywords will be ranked without backlinks.

But if they are not coming onto the first page of Google, then we will create backlinks for those

articles and for those keywords.

And I will give you the strategy in upcoming reduce how to create those better links there to create


Like we have to diversify.

We will give you a different types of backlinks in.

Most of them will be doing follow.

Now, let me give you an example here.

The look from the last lecture, we aided this Web site to Arabs and we can see their D.R domain rating

in your value URL rating, OK?

One thing I want to tell you here.

This demand rating or domain authority has nothing to do with the actual Google ring.

If you see a domain rating is high and you are just worried about that.

I cannot compete.

This guy then that is false because domain rating is just to get an idea of how many big links or how

many refereeing domains that Web site has.

Actually, this is the thing.

And it is easily you know, it can be manipulated easily because this counts all the no follow and do

follow big links.

This tool helps with domain rating.

They count all the big links.

Nofollow and do follow in their focus on the refereeing domains.

A number of different domains.

So if you have created so many social profiles, then all of those will be counted and you will

get a higher domain rating.

But at the same time, you will not get traffic.

The actual thing is the traffic.

If you are getting traffic from search engines, that means you are all good and you are good to go.

But demand rating is just, you know, for like for showing or some trust.

And this is not the actual thing for ranking for actual ranking.

You need to create high-quality to follow big things for your single articles, not for your main domain.

4. Creating High Authority Dofollow Backlinks for Domain Authority

Now, once you have understood all the things about backlinks, now it is time to create some beveling

and start the link building process for our Web site.

So these are top five.

Do follow high authority Web sites where we can create our profile for this Web site.

A very, very high domain authority.

Ninety six.

Ninety three.

Ninety two.

You can check that yourself.

So these are Duflo.

I have checked it myself.

People will give you so many less for this type of Bulbeck link.

They will say that these are Duflo, but most of them are not do-follow.

Most of them are no-follow.

That is why I have selected this by five Web sites where we can create better links.

Now, the thing is, in the last lecture I told you you should not create BECC links in the first two months

for this single article.

So I was talking about this single article, you know, when you click an article on your Web site.

So this is a new page you can see on the top.

The domain name is a different thing.


The Cambra list dot com is a domain name.

It is not related to our keyword.

Our keyword is this single article, which is Gamora list dot com best waterproof camera under 100.


So this is a very, very different page for Google.

This is a separate page.

Google looks at every page separately.

So we had to actually talk about this page.

We have to optimize this page for Google and we will create better links for this page.

But later on, not in the first two months, because if we create in the first two months, it will

be unnatural and it will look unnatural after two months.

It will be nature like we have content on our Web site.

And now people are linking back to us or we are creating backings.

So that will look natural to Google as well.

So now let’s go to create some profile Bucklings.

Let’s say, for example, I have I will just copy this udemy dot com and I will go there.

How you can create a becklin then displaced these.

You are ELDs one by one here.

Like if you create your account on Udemy dot com.

This is an e-learning Web site where people have like courses about almost every topic.


I’m saying this big link is very, very powerful because you can create up your profile and just talk

about your topic.

You might have like any topic for you.

Like it may be like gardening.

It may be like middy medicine.

Or maybe it is like about cameras or about fashion or about sports or anything.

Now, after that, when you create the profile here, you just click here, you know, on the top here.

On your name, you create.

You just click this option here, they will say profile and setting.

So the first option here is your name.

This is your name here headline.

Then write some biography like I have written about SVO and teaching here.

And then you can simply add your Web site link here and social media accounts also.

So this is a do-follow burgling and it will straight give you like four to five points of B directly.

Deeyah, you can say like if you are zero D.R and you create the single Becklin here, it will be like

four or five Deeyah here from zero to four.

It will jump like that.

So this is very, very powerful.

Now if we go to public profile here, you can see this in my public profile here and the Web site has

a burgling in the background.

So this is a very portable burgling and very, very easy to create.

So but you have to publish one course.

If you have a course, you can also make money here.

Just publish your posts here and put a price.

And you people will be laddering that course from you.

If you don’t have a cause, just create a 30 minutes or 40 minutes course video course and put it for

free here.

OK, once you put the course here on this Web site for free, then you will get this battling for free,


This is a do-follow burgling and very easy to create, I think.


Now the next Web site is this one, Microsoft, for example.

So you had to go to Google and fried their Microsoft community, OK.

So this is also do follow burgling.

You need to write Microsoft dot com community.

And then you had to go to the community that clicks the first option.

Now, here you have to register yourself like signing or sign up.

This is Microsoft.

Tech community.

So I will just say, okay.

Create a new account or, you know, click sign in.

Okay, so I will create a new account here.


All key.

So a new account you had to create a new e-mail if you will.

If you already have an e-mail, then you can put that.

If you have Microsoft, Microsoft e-mail, then you can edit.

Otherwise, I will use a mobile phone number right now.



Now it is asking to create a password.

So they have sent me a call to my mobile, which I had to enter here.

Yes, I got the cord on my mobile, and it is five zero six to.

So after that, next.

An account will be created.


So they’re saying you can add your email, all keys will aid or e-mail, OK?

The other one which we have like on Google.


So beginning that here.

So it did that email.

And now it is saying, like, you had to verify your e-mail as well.

OK, so let’s verify, let’s verify the email as well.

So after verifying the email, now I’m here on Microsoft Community.

So how I can create or do follow burgling here, I will go here and click this icon.

And then I will click my profile.

So my profile there, I can add a link.

Now, here you can see it did a profile.

I will click edit profile and then.

Here is the optional game.

You need to age some content here about yourself.

And if you have a business, then you can tell about your business like your display name.

Here you can see you can change your display name.

You can give me this.

You can add your display name as your business and also your own name.

That really doesn’t matter.

But the thing is, you should write relevant about me content here.

Like it.

This is about.

This link is about you.

Then you should write about yourself.

If this is about your business, then should you should write about your business and actually about

your keywords or your Web site, actually.


So here will age some content, like for example.

I will just.

Say, for example, I’m just showing you a demonstration or although we will create the beginning directly

for our Web site, OK, for the camera list dot com.

So we’ll create this big link for that.

OK, guys, so I added some content here about myself and about my website, Cambra list, dot com.

And then I have edited a title and here is the link.

Actually, they actual do follow backlink.

You will it here, you know, link you URL is the camera list dot com, which we have there.

So this is our link.

Now I would like to save.

And they’re saying like bonus links, you can create more big links if you actually ask questions in

this community.

So this is a very good thing if you participate in the here in the community.

This is basically a forced forum.


But this is a very high-quality forum.

So you will then get like warts.

And if you reply to different questions, then you will get more Bucklings.

But here you can see our big link is here.


And this is a do-follow speckling.

Let me see if we can check by going to the source of this page.

So let me just go in quickly see Kimberle’s list outcome.

So here you can see the link.

Kimberly Starcom, Target, Blink Reference, nor Refah, nor effort.

But nofollow is no Deryk.

So this means this is a do-follow burgling.

This is a confirmed do-follow big link because there is no mention of no-follow.


So I will create a Becklin here and I will.

I have already created a burgling here for another Web site so I cannot add more Web sites if what I

want to a more Web site, if I want to create another big link on me dot com.

Then I have to create another profile with another e-mail.


So this you should understand nowhere, the third Web site is similarly like IBM community.


You will just go to Google and write IBL Community UK.



Do you see this?

This is the same process because I will give you the list and you should go and create your bearings.

If you have more than one website, then you can create one beveling with one e-mail and another burgling

with another e-mail, OK.

So this is a similar process at the IBM Web site.

You have to create an account and then add your link in the profile by going to the edit profile option.

OK, so the process is the same for Dell dot com like IBM and Microsoft because these three are similar



And I have already told you about Udemy I know the Amazon process is a little bit different, although

it has the highest authority, 97 domain authority.

But this is a little bit different.

So I will go and I will tell you how you can do that.

You had to write Gayed DP Dot Amazon dot com.

Just remember this, you are a KDP dot Amazon dot com.

So you have to go to this.

You are.

This is about Kindle publishing, actually, but still, the domain is in his own dot com.

So you are getting the authority there, OK.

You will get Lync juice nowhere if you see this link KDP community at the bottom.

If you observe this, this is a very big community.

So you have to click here and then you have to create an account here.

Okay, so Log-in.

Create log-in.

If you don’t have an account here, then you can create one.


All right.

I already have an account here.

And if I show you my profile when I’m logged in now, I can show you my profile.

And the profile will have a burgling actually for my other Web site.

I can show you that.

If I go to yes, here, you can see I have created to Bucklings here, like I have edited some content

here and then I have used Bucklings, one for my travel blog and one for my personal blog.

I can edit it here in front of you, but, you know, you can create another.

You can create a new account here.

I will edit it here and will show you how you can create a website.

Becklin here.

This is a little bit different.

You know, you have to aid your burgling inside the about me.

Like, for example, if right now I want to aid one burgling for my camera list ARCOM, then I can add

that too.

I have written about myself and what I do online so I can now simply aid one more Becklink here.

So what I did is I simply did this, my profile here, and I’m just going to add some content like I

am also.

I also managed Cambra list dot com.

You need to add all the GDP s in the backslash in the whole address of your site.

Then it will become a link.

Otherwise, it won’t work.


So HDB s Cambra list dot com, which is a blog about Kamba reviews and Canberra camera user guides for

beginners so that, you know, the nearby text should be relevant to that Web site.

This will help.

Now I will save it.

And after saving it, you can see the link is visible there.

And these is guys that do follow Becklin from Amazon dot com.


KBB community up Amazon.

So this is also a very good backlink.

We got it from here.

And one battling we got from Microsoft.

And you should also get one at IBM and wanted Dell dot com.

And this one eudy me once again, I’m telling you, this is very, very powerful, Becklin.

I have used it, you know, and I have seen the the the power of this Becklin.

But unfortunately, this is only one.

So if you want to create one more, then you have to create another profile.

Now, in the next lecture, we’ll talk about other ways to create better links.

5. High Authority Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Welcome back.

We were in the course in this lecture.

I am going to talk about these high authorities, social bookmarking Web sites.

These Web sites are there to create better links, but there will be no follow up.

But that is all key because these Web sites are very, very high domain authority.

You can see more than 90 percent.

And Google understands that this is a no-follow link.

They just warned the boss of the link juice in the link value to the Web site.

But they understand that this is a no-follow link for this article.

So this is helpful.

And you should always create a mixture of to-follow no-follow backlinks.


And one thing more I want to mention here that backlinks are for two benefits.

The first one is to get traffic from different Web sites like different social bookmarking sites, social

media, Web sites, other blogs, other Web sites.

So you can like just, you know, create awareness about your Web site and your brand.

You will get traffic when somebody clicks your link.


So that is one benefit.

And the other benefit is you will get your ranking improved in Google search in general.


So this is Reddit dot com.

This is actually a forum, but also a social bookmarking site.

What you can do is just go and create an account that is free, very easy to create.

And actually, you have to create an account for all these social bookmarking sites.

After you create an account, then you can just simply go and search for communities.


You have to join some communities.

There are many communities and they have thousands and thousands of members.

So when you join a community and then you post something, you will get a lot of traffic from that.

So there are two ways to create a Becklin here on this Web site.

The first point is to just go and click the post, create a post which is on the home page here.

You will do a title to your post and then you will write something.

Okay, so I’m just like, you know, this is let’s say this is or title.

OK, for this post.


And I’m just going to like, you know, say, OK, here.

Just going to like this, for example.

This is my content.


Now, when I post this content to the community, people are going to read it.

So that is why you had to write it carefully and clearly.

And I can insert a link inside this post.

Like, for example, there is an option for inserting a link and there are different formatting options,

for example, like if I have.

This text will select the text.

Go to this link option and will paste my link here.


For example, let’s say I have this link.

So I will click this option and will add my link here and click insert.

So now you can see the link has been created and I have to choose the community because I have joined

some communities related to cameras like you can see our photography.

So I will click on photography and after that, I can just click post.

So this post will go to that.

Ask photography, which has like seventy-three thousand members and one hundred forty-five are online

right now.


So this is a very good way to drive traffic to your site.

Now, this is about the post, but I am just going to add a link, not a post.


You can also it M.H..

So my link will be like the best waterproof camera under a hundred.

And that is the title and this is the link and I am going to post it inside.

Ask photography.


And I will just click post.

Are innately borst.

You can see it is already edited into this group.

Now people can come and comment here and they can get their feedback and they can click and I will see

you actually traffic from here.

So this is a very good platform to get backlinks once you are on this platform.

Just go and join some communities as they have thousands and thousands of communities about every


Join some communities and then post all of your content whenever you publish a new post, a blog post

just posted there.


Then Velho another Web site.

This is also a social bookmarking site and on the home page, you can just go here and see it.

A new link.


Click this link, this option and you have to create an account basically.


This is a social bookmarking site.

But a similar process you are to create an account and then you can add yours.

Portent here.

Then we have mixed outcomes.

This is, again, a Web site where we had to log in.

So I will just go and log in to this Web site.

And then.

We can’t simply it or Ling here, OK?

I am logged in now.

You see this plus option here, you just click the split.

That plus option is your link.

The same link.


And it will fetch the content automatically.

Look, it has paid for the picture, the title, and the website, and everything.

And I will click mix.

This is Mix Dark, Smoky, and they have said like this is about what should I create a new collection

or this is about already a connection because I have already two collections there.

So I will create another collection.




Now, cameras will be my new collection here, and I will be adding cameras here all the time.

So could you add a new collection?

Now, this is a camera, and then click done.

That said.

Now, when I go to my account.

I can show you the content here.


This is the content best waterproof camera under a hundred, cheapest option.

So this is how you age very easily contained to these sites.

And then we have this Schoop dot com and I will post a link here and we’ll click it.

So it will fetch the data.

Similarly, like the makes it dot com, you can see they have also fetched the data.

Now I can see again straight go.

And if some take and then publish the content.


So this is the process you should be doing for all up to your four, all up to your newly published content.

You should eat at least one time at all of these bookmarking sites.

So they will create some no-follow, high authority backlinks for you.

6. High Authority Profile Backlinks for Domain Authority

Welcome back.

We were in the course now in this lecture, I will give you a list of high authority Web sites where

we can create profile break links.

This is a huge list, more than 100 Web sites.

And I’m going to share this with you.

And remember, guys, we are doing this for domain authority, right?

So these are all very high authority sites like the manatee is more than like it is between like 50,


Between that, you know, to it is considered high authority profile Bucklings.

So we can create big links for our brand or our Web site.

And also we can include some of our keywords, like if we are creating 100 BECC links, then we can

use our keyword in at least ten, ten different Bucklings.

So that is okay.

And right now, since our Web site is new.

So this is a very good option to create Becke links because Google will take time, like when we create

These are one hundred BECC links or 200 Beccles profile backlinks.

Google will take like one and half months to index all of them, or they might not index some of them

at all.


So these Web sites, some of them are no-follow and some of them are do-follow many of them on no-follow

profile Bucklings and some of them are Duflo.

But this is a huge list and you can go to them one by one and go and create a link.

For example, I will copy one Web site and paste it into my browser.

And here I can tell you how you can create a better link.

So whatever the Web site is, you just go and see for the option to sign up.



First of all, you need to have an e-mail address and a password before creating Bucklings, create

an e-mail and also create a password in.

You should ID that password, an email to every Web site where you create a profile in there, you create

a backlink

So this will be very easy for you in the future because whenever you need to change their burgling

or you need to add anything else, you can go straight and log into your profile and change it.

Or you can also use this list to somebody who can do it for you, like creating all these profilings

profiles and these links.

If you don’t have time, OK.

So here on this Web site, we can see they have written sign up with free with Google.


So I’m just going to sign up.

And I will sign up.

Using my Google account.

And after that, we’ll carry it Becklin here.


Now they say we can find an account.

Yes, I will create an account.

I’m going to create an account here.

Just to show me.

Students that we can create Becklin here.

So this is the Web site ever.

No dot com in the process is almost similar like every Web site will have an option to sign up and

after you sign up, you will go to, you know.

To just eight.

You are linked in the profile, okay?

So they’re saying, what has brought you here?

I will say personally.


And then the personal desktop browser is OK.

Writing, planning, writing, Ocky.

OK, that’s fine.

Now, we’ll get you to know Turkey when we get you to naughtier Vick and write some content and can

add a word link here straight.

You know, if you click more, there will be an option to insert a link.

You can see this is the option.

So I will add a link here.

OK, within a few minutes and I will come back to you.

OK, guys, I have written a piece of content here.

You can see and I have edited the link here.

This is the link which is pointing to my site, Gamora list dot com.

So this is very simple way to create links here.


Now I will just click share and the link will be enabled.

And there said.

This is the link when I get the link.

I can just copy the link and I can show you that I have created the backlink right here.

You can see, guys, this is the text and this is the backlink.

So that’s it.

This simple thing just everywhere ID a text which should be different and unique, like 50 to 100 works

or sometimes like 300 words, up to 300 words is also.


And just add your link or you can also add your keyword.

I told you already that when you create one hundred backlinks, profile batterings, you can also create

10 big links with your keywords and others with your branded domain name or your branded name.


So this is the list.

Go to every page and create the Becklin.

If you don’t have time for doing this thing yourself, then just go to firewalled dot com.

And here on fire dot com.

Just write profile Bucklings.


Profile Bucklings.

So when you write that you will find that people are selling more than 300 backlinks are 200, Becklin

is just for ten dollars, OK?

So you can hand over this work to this guy like he is giving it for five U.S. dollars.

One hundred Bucklings profile Bucklings and this guy is giving you 300 Bucklings for ten dollars.

OK, so you can find somebody who has good reviews and you can order it there if you don’t want to do

it yourself.

And this is a very easy task.

There is no harm in that because profile beginnings are just, you know, OK.

They will not negatively impact your site, but instead, they will help you in demand ranking.


I will come back and then we’ll talk about other men.

There are backlinks and link building.

7.How to Create Edu & Gov Backlinks

Welcome, big guys in the Gores.

Now I have a list of 20 Web sites where you can create educational and government backed links for your


This is a combination of do follow in nofollow back links, which is good, by the way.

And this is, again, for domain authority.

If you want to increase the domain authority of your site, then you can go and create barclays’ using

these Web sites.

Some of them are forums.

Some of them are like just blogs where you need to comment.

Also, you have to check one by one.

And one thing I want to mention here that some Web sites may look very, very strange in spamming Web

sites, but that’s OK, because these Web sites are from different countries.

Some of them are Russian Web sites, immolations, and some of them are even Turkish Web sites.

So this is a combination of educational and government Web sites.

So I went to one like the first one.

If we just copy it and we check it, using this tool helps to cede the domain authority of this Web


You can take all of them one by one so you can see the DEA is seventy nine for this domain.

Fifteen represent domains, 57 Bucklings.

If you check the main Web site, that is also receiving a huge amount of traffic.

Like if we check the main Web site, then you would see that.

That Web site has like sixty six million backlands and is receiving, like, organic crap, it’s seventy

six hundred thousand.

Okay, so this is a good Web site for Domain Autarky.

Now, we need to go to this Web site by pasting Esurance.

In the browser and you see this Web site is in Russian language.

When the website is in any other language you just read, click somewhere on the page and then click

translate to English.

So this Web site will be translated to English.

And then you can see the option to register.

So this one is basically a forum where we need to register by clicking, clicking register.

You’ll have to click.

I agree with this, Igudesman.

So you will have to it all up your basic information like email address, username and password.

And after that, you had to fill this captcha and then the account will be created.

So I have entered my data.

Now I will click submit.

And the data has been submitted.

Let me check what they say.

You are completing the registration process.

Your profile and more information.


So they say click this option.

And now here I can aid all of my information, the remaining information, and they have our section

for Web site you can see here is the Web site section.

So I will add my Web site, which is it?

Judy Kimera list.

So I will copy this Web site and based here.

I can also aid other options like Skype, Yahoo!

And my biography, biography, very important variable.

You could eat a baking.

You should it your biography and your biography.

You just tell about the topic.

Like, for example, this is a camera list, dot com.

So we talk about this Kamba list, our Web site.

So this will be a relevant Becklin.


And then we can create the signature in other options.

And after that, when we submit so the link will be created.

This link will be created on this forum.

And this is, by the way.

Do follow back link from this Web site.

So this way, our Web site will get all the domain attardi of our site will be increased.

Now, if we check our domain camera list dot com.

When we started this new Web site, it was absolutely zero.

Right now, when I have created a few back links, you can see the you are rating is now seven.

The D-R is now, you know.

This is also zero seven.

And we have six Becke links in five separate domains.

And even seven keywords are already in Google.

So this is a good news and our site is now improving in the visibility in search engines is increasing.

So I’m just going to create more and more back links for domain authority.

And then I will come back and I will tell you how you can create better links for these single articles,

which is the most important thing in link building process.

8. Difference Between Domain Authority Backlinks & Single-Article Backlinks

Welcome back.

We was in the cause now in this very important lecture.

I want to tell you the difference between domain authority in a single article.

So the thing is, this is our Web site that Kimbrell list dot com is the domain name for which we were

creating back links to increase its domain authority.


So after that.

No, this is a separate page.

When I click this page, you see the You URL is different here opposite the dot com.

You see best SD card for GoPro camera.

So this is a whole modeling in.

This is very unique to Google.

Right now, Google has to treat this page separately.

Google wants you to get it to UNbacked links for this page, nor for the domain, because the domain

is a very huge topic for so many different keywords in so many different topics.

So we can not renk over domain for keywords.

We have to drink this Web site.

This single article for a specific keyword, like, for example, if I scroll down, best camera for

film making.

This is my key word for this single article.

So I have to to get back links for this.

For this single article I had to first do on page or to make sure on pages, Sue is right for this page.

And then when I see the pages, no drinking in Google without Becklin, then I had to go and create


But for this single article.

So that is the thing I want to tell you.

In this lecture.

Now, let me put to you.

Let me give you an example.

And real time.

So I’m just putting my domain, the other domain, I have other Web site about traveling.

So I’m eating the dot com here to this tool had ups and I would just search for it and I will show you

how the domain name works and how the single article works.

Now, when I did this on my Web site here, you can see the you r rating is 33, which is very huge.

The domain rating is fifteen, which is okay.

And you see the links, more than a thousand Bucklings.

Two hundred thirty refereeing domains and stuff like that.

Now, I’m going to actually.

Go to another page, for example.

This page on my Web site.

This is a single article once again, right?

It is not the main domain, but a single right.

A single article is a different separate page for this keyword, best alternatives.

So now you see all these back links, the reference domains that you are reading now.

I will eat.

Or I should do it in a different, you know, different window, right?

So that you can actually.

See this one in a different window?

The single article.

Because you can check for any domain.

And also for a single article, you can check the demand rating in your reading for any any link here.


Now, here you can see the you are editing for my domain name is 33.

While on the other hand, here you can see it is just nine.

The D.R is fifteen here and here as well, because this is the domain.


So the domain is same for both because this you are here is part of the same domain name.

That is why it is 15.

It will always be the same.


The main thing is this.

You are rating.

What is this?

You are leading.

This is related to this specific.

You are.

Because how how strong this you are it is that will it truly be here in the you are elevating.

Now if you see only Dubeck links and to represent domains.


And on the other hand, you see here more than 1000 back and 230 referendums.

This means this single euro has only two barclays’ and two reference domains.

Now, when we have more Bucklings and more referendums this year, orientating will be increased.

And ultimately, that will also help.

The domain rating demanded will also be increased because these backings are pointing to this link,

this specific bit, but also this is pointing to our domain name.

Now, the thing is sometimes like we have selected very low competition keywords like difficulty keywords.

So we are waiting like for five to six weeks or two months.

We are waiting and we are expecting that this article, for example, will be ranked in Google without

any back link linking or without any back link, because this is a low competition keyword.

So we are expecting that.

But sometimes the article is coming.

To the second or third page of Google, and it is stuck there.

It is stuck there.

It is not coming up.

You know, the first page when we see that article is stuck there.

Then we had to create some big links like.

Five to 10 back links in order to push it to the first page.

That is why we need these back links for the single article.

And this is why you need to understand the difference between the single article in the domain, the

menu, you up your site.


After you understand this thing, it will be easier for you to create better links for this single article.

Right now, when we were creating, you know, when we were creating the back links, like, for example,

if I go to keyword research.

And I had right.

Let me write a keyword so I can once again give you an example for what I am talking about.

Like, for example, if I write a keyword.

And this search for it.

Now, you see this keyword has a live in difficulty, right?

It is medium and the sexual human stuff like that.

Now, if we come to the reserve here.

The top end results on Google.

I’ve been to you.

We did the keyword research using these different features like D.R.

How many demands and beckoning.

This article has and the traffic they’re receiving like.

If you look at this example, the Deeyah up, the dogs are very high and then we have the demands here,

the battling here.

However, they are receiving like a very huge strapping.

But these back links, this back links, this beginning’s in domain names are for this single article.

This up north for the main domain.

These are for this single article.

This mean this guy has created thirty one back links for this article.

So that is why it is on the top of Google.

Some people have just it demanded nine burgling.

Some have like five, four to five backing.

And we had to create back.

Like, if we could eat five to six backings for this article, then the chances will be more for us

to rank this article in Google.

But those links should be most of the links should be do follow and relevant.

But that is what I’m going to teach you in the next video.

9. Anchor Text Distribution for Single Article

Welcome back.

We was in the course now this is very important lecture about anchor text, which is a crucial thing

in link building, specially for single articles.

So here, what is income tax?

I have given three different examples.

This is the link, right?

This is a hyperlink which is mediated through this structure in SDMI.

Like up then equals sign and then we have the link.

And then this one is the text.

You know, when you click this text Gamora Guide, you will be taken to this Web site and the email

dig is close to here.

So this is basically the camera guide in this example is the anchor text, right.

When the user or the visitor will click this camera guide there will be rededicated to this link because

that is the actual link for this text, which is the anchor text.


The example, do we have changed the text anchor text to best cameras?

The first one is Camera Guide, and the third one here you can see is click here.

So this is the third example for the anchor takes.

So how you create anchor takes like this?

Very simple.

Very easy to be it.

No, the actual thing is the distribution of this anchor text, because this is very, very important

for link building in Reinking.

Your article, your single article in Google with the help of back links, as you can see.

There are ten different anchor text types which you should use while creating better links for your

single article.

OK, before like we created back links for our main Web site or Dumain, we did not really care about

that because we simply put our Web site’s link somewhere.

And that’s just fine.

We just want to add more and more back links to increase the domain authority.

But here, the case is different here.

You want to simply rank your keyword in Google.

You want to simply rank your page in Google, the single article I’m talking about.

So for that, you had to distribute the anchor text, OK?

You can not simply go and get on your back links with the same anchor text with the same keyword or

the same word.

That will be like, you know, very, very horrible, our strategy.

So here I have given you 10 types of anchor text and the distribution like hundred person, how you

can distribute hundred person words for your link building strategy.

Actually, you can slightly, slightly change this strategy.

There is no problem with that.

But it should be like similar.

So what do we do?

I will give you an example.

You don’t worry in the next slide.

I have any real example for you.

So like, we have to create, for example, 20 becklin.


So the hundred person distribution, we want to distribute the anchor text using different text in different

anchor text in different matters.


So the first one will be brand name.

We will use 30 person brand name and different keywords or different back links that you will use the

brand name as a as an anchor text.

And then we’ll use title of our page 10 percent in the back linked and then full.

You are full your elop.

Our website is GDP is and backslash and stuff like that.

We use that 10 percent an exact match.

What is exact match.

Exact match is the exact keyword for we reach for which we want to rank our article in Google.

So we’ll use 10 percent then Web site dot com like just Cambra list outcome is my website address.

I will use anchor text 10 percent like that then long Kalki work 10 percent, then partial mentioned

person in genetic text like click here.

Visit this website and you know, generic a text like that will use that 15 percent and no text will

be to person, which I will teach you how you can create.

Not expect links and author back links.

Author name beckoning like my name is literally.

So I will create three person better links with Ortolani.

Now you might be confused, like what does this person page all about?

So this is a hundred percent.

I have divided on different, you know, anchor tech.

Now I will show you this with a real example.


So this is the real example.

The same thing.


No camera list is our brand name in this case, your brand name might be a different thing.


So right now we are using 30 person will use 30 person anchor text as this one.

So in this case, like we are creating 20 back links.

I will carry it practically in real time so you can understand more deeply, easily.

Now we are commuting 20 Bucklings for this article and we are using 30 person as camera list.

Is the brand name.

So in this case, we’ll create six links.

With this anchor takes Kimberly.

Right now, the next thing is the title of your page, which is exactly this one, CNN and five forces

in six detail, a detail comparison.

So we’ll use 10 percent.

This one.

That means we had to create Dubeck links with this exact text.


When somebody clicks this text, so they will be dedicated to the article.

So we’ll use this as anchor text.


Then we will use 10 percent.

This one is should CBS get the list, which is the full you are looking fully open.

You are a 10 percent like to Bucklings, like we are creating 20 beggaring.

So this way it will be two backings.

Then we have the exact match, exact match means.

This is the keyword for which we want our article to rank in Google.

So we’ll use this two times for Bubeck links.

Then another one for Bubeck links.

Like in the list, dot com is our website.

Then we have long calcu were like in this case.

It is gaining a US, us and six horses in five review 20-20.

So I have made it like a long you work.

This is the same word, but I have added some more words, so that has made it a long keyword.

Now we have partial match, partial match like some parts of you are meant.

Word is here and also some other words.

So in this case, I have added another word us.

So this is no partial match keyword right now.

Then we have generic words like click here.

This Web site that we will use like 15 percent.

So in this case, we’ll use this in three backings.

The Nordics is two percent.

That means one, beggaring will have to it with no text and then absolutely is my name.

So that will be Autum name.

And will get you to beginning’s with Autumn Name.

It can be like bombings or, you know, posting in some forum.

Oh, this is just fine.

You can slightly change it like five percent.

You can change this one in five person.

You can change the other one.

That’s just fine, but don’t do too much like.

You can not get yet.

You are battling with the same.

You know, a hundred person.

You cannot give you that.

You have to change it, you know.

So this way it will be balanced.

It will look natural, like to Google.

It will look natural.

And then your article will get ranked with those backings.

Now the thing is about Bufalo and Nofollow Bucklings, which you already know what they mean.

So in this case, you should give it like 60 to 70 percent up your back links.

Bufalo and.

But due to 40 person nofollow, so that will be native because natively you will get nofollow beginning’s

and also you will get Duflo beginning.

So once again, this is already attached.


And CapEx distribution in what is Intertek, this is already attached to the lecture.

So you should have this with you all the time when you are creating Becklin.

So you should distribute your anchor text, according Luke.

Now, this is the article.

Let me tell you what is income tax here as the anchor takes logging.

You see, this text is a link, basically.

So this is the anchor text.

When I click that, it will take me to another page.

This page.

So this is the anchor day.

Or our Web site when we have our Web site.

If we create a back link to our other pages, like Internet links, we don’t need to use.

We don’t need to distribute any income tax.

You know, we can use exact image on our own Web site.

That’s not a big deal.

We don’t need to distribute our anchor text on our own Web site.

We we need to do it when we are creating external make links, back links on other Web sites.


We need that.

So this is the article for which we will be creating back links in the next lecture.

And we want to create 20 Beccles for this article.

And we’ll use that method off anchor text distribution.

So I will come back in the next lecture and we’ll show you how we can do that.

10. How to Check Position of Keywords in Google

Welcome back.

We was in the course now in this lecture.

I’m going to tell you why I have selected this article.

CNN and Five Forces M6, a detailed comparison, a like we discussed the same article in Last Vidhu

about anchor text distribution.

Now, why why I selected this.

Let me just tell you about that.

I published this article 20 days before on this Web site.


Kimberly Starcom.

I found this to be like a low difficulty keyword low competition keywords.

So I wrote this article and posted it here right now.

If we go here to this tool, which is ahead of us, and we ate this single article link here and just

click into.

I can show you the status of this article right now, you can see the you are all reading is just three

percent in the D.R. is zero seven percent because this is for the same domain name.


And the are is like three.

You are rating is three.

And you can see the organic keywords are also to here, which is a good thing because it within twenty

is two keywords are already ranked OK.

When I click that you can see one, you were in Italy in one in the United States.

The Italy position is twenty eight for this key word.

That means the third page.

And then we have United States.

So I had to click that.

When I click that, you can see it is on twenty fifth position right now.

Let me check this you.

Let me check this key word on Google by going to Incognito window and going there searching for this.


So we can make sure this is exactly there.

Now, I will change the such setting to the U.S. because right now Google will select my current location.

So I have to change it to the U.S..


The region to the U.S. And then after that, I will go to the start page.


So this is the third page in Google.

And here I should see this website somewhere.

Yes, we have the Web site here.

So it is 20 days before it was published.

You can see right now it is 19 July, and it was posted on 29 June 2002 in the U.K. So you can see that

on the third beat, the Web site, Gimbel’s, dot com on Google.

And also this article.


So that just fine, OK.

We confirmed that our Web site is there on the third page.


If we come to Google search console, where we edit this Web site just a few days ago and we also did

our site map, you can see I have selected Gamora list dot com here.

Congratulations, guys.

Our Web site has already got like four zero seven total impressions and two clicks from search isms.


You can see the chart before it was just empty.

And you can also see the keywords here.

So forty eight, your words are already in somewhere in Google’s different positions in Google searches.


So this is a good thing, like our Web site is now getting positioned in Google.

I would like this average position option, OK.

So here when you see.

Same thing you can see here, the same keyword us and five horses and six average position is twenty


Then we have once again Cannon Cannon, US and five horses, M6 28.

So these are the positions for this new one.

And there are other key word, like some you words are on the fifth page of Google, some are on the

fourth page up Google and some are on the seventh page approval.

So once you optimize your article for a single keyword, like in this case, our main keyword is CNN.

And five horses and six.

But then your keyword will be ranked for multiple keywords.

Maybe like one hundred keywords or two hundred keywords or 500 keywords.

Different variations of keywords.


Now I will tell you why I decided to go and create some backings for this.

You are because I already know.

This is ranking on the third page of who.

So I need to make it to the first page of Google.

If I could get like 10 to 15 or 20 links with a little bit a little bit break in between then.

I expect this was to come to the first page of Google because of those battling.

That is why I have.

I have decided to first go for this page and then I can like idiot barclays’ for other keywords and

for other single articles.

So in this lecture, I wanted to tell you, like, you can take the position up, you are keyword using

the same to the Google tool.

We will sentence or just come here, select your site and click the average position and you will see

all of your keywords and their position here.

And you can also use this tool, perhaps dot com.

So in the next lecture we are going to use.

We are going to create different Beckman’s for the single article, which is the most important thing

in building and will create the Beverley’s.

And then we’ll see how this how the position of this article get improved improves in Google.

So see you in the next lecture.

11. Backlinks Diversity & Guest Posting

Welcome back.

We were in the court now after discussing income tax distribution.

This is the time to create those backlogs practically and to show you how you can create it, too.

Now, I want to talk about backlists, diversity.

What is this?

This is about creating backlogs on different platforms and using different methods because we cannot

create all those 20 backlogs, links on a single website or using a single source.

If we do that, then Google has an algorithm called Google Penguin, which will give us a big penalty

and we can lose all of our traffic.

So we have to diversify our Becklin profile so that it looks natural to Google and other search engine.

That is why I have made it very simple for you.

I have aided these five simple back link methods which we can use to create or becklin profile for single

articles, actually.

OK, now the first one is just posting, which is very popular method to create quality and relevant

back links all the time.

This is okay, this works in 2020 and beyond.

And then we have user profile Macleans, which we already have talked about for domain authority, but

we will use some of them for a single article as well.

And then we have Web 2.0 back links which are free to create on websites like blogger, dot com WordPress,

dot com Tumblr and QuickStart comment.

There are many websites, OK, and then we have discussion forums where we can create backlists, do

follow links on different forums, and then we have blog comments.

So these five matters are very easy to use and you can do it yourself or you can actually give a distance

to someone to do it for you, OK?

Now there are many other methods as well, like private blog, network, broken link, building opportunities

and resources page and stuff like that.

We’ll discuss that later on because right now we need to focus on creating some big links for our single


OK, so here is the example of income tax distribution.

Now, we are going to create the backlands in practically and I have shown you that we had to use 30

percent or brand name, which in this case is kimberlites.

Dot com only cannibalised.

That is 30 percent means we need to create like five to six backlists.

If we are creating 20 burgling, then and after that we are using like 10 percent of all the other types

of income tax.

So let’s go to the page.

This is the page, right.

Or article.

And the main keyword is CNN in five words.

What is M6?

This is the main keyword in this article is about a camera, which is canon camera.


And we have the content and stuff like that.

We found the lower difficulty keyword and then we wrote this article and now this is on the second page

of Google.

OK, so we want to bring it on the first page of Google because that is not coming up on the first page.

So we need to create better links for this.

We checked out and the tool Arabs and the other competitors have like five to six becklin somehow to

burgling somehow then Baglan.

So now we want to create like more than 10.

Back after that.

We are expecting our website will be on the first page of Google.


So this is the thing.

Now, one thing I want to tell you here that you can create Backlands for this article on different

camera websites.

You don’t need to just go for this.

Like you should create your back links only for this topic in an M5 versus getting M6, you can create

your back link on any Cambra article like this is all about Kamras right now.

In this lecture, I’m going to tell you the process as to how you can find different websites and blogs

who are which accepts guest posting.

OK, so this is the guest posting file or sheet where you will at the website.

You are the contact email of that website owner and then the domain authority of their site head up

traffic, monthly traffic in response from that website owner and then the follow up.

If they don’t respond, then we have to like follow up one follow up to follow up.

We can submit them again and again to ask them if they want to give us a link or not in return for a

guest post.

OK, so how do we find the websites, relevant websites and high authority websites?

That is very simple, guys.

You can simply use Google for that.

What do you need to do?

You just write the niche or topic of your site.

Like in our case it is camera.

You can write like camera reviews or camera photography, for example.

You can read any two words.

OK, let’s say camera photography, OK?

Now, when you wrote Kim Laparoscope, then you can eat plus sign and double quotes inside the double

quotes, you just write this keyword, which is right for us, OK?

Right for us.

So when you write for us, OK, insight, double quotes.

Or without double quotes is also OK.

But when you double quotes, it will exactly bring you all those pages, which is right for us, takes

in those pages.

OK, so what does this mean?

These are these are all websites about cameras in there except guess paused because they themselves

are mentioned on their pages about this posting.

OK, so now we will go and.

We’ll check all of them, OK?

One by one, and we can just go with camera as well.

So we will find some other articles here.

You can see many of them in the first pages or key because the first page of Google has this result

for us.

And that means these websites are already in Google ranking on Google and they already have.

Like traffic coming to those websites.

OK, now I have opened up many websites, now this guy is saying like we accept your guest post, but

this, you can see, is not a good website.

Their design is very horrible.

No security and stuff like that.

So right away, I will close this because this is not for us, OK?

Now, the second one, let’s check it.

This is a good website looking like a new website, but that’s just fine.

We will check this website using the tool.

We have the tool, right.

The head up tool.

So we’ll use.

I had up to find the authority of the website, so the second website, first of all, you have to check

all the websites and then check the page, what they said, what are their requirements?

What is their criteria?

You have to read all of that, you know, and how to contact them.

Some of the websites will ask you money, OK?

Twenty dollars or fifty dollars.

And most of them won’t ask you money.

They just want to want you to send the guest post and they will publish it on their website and you

can add your back links there.

OK, so you need to read all these pages and their criteria on every page they have written for guest

post or for guest authors.

OK, so this is the way to find relevant sites.

Whatever you your topic is, just put that topic first and then plus sign and then write for us.

OK, so here we’ll use the GIs posting for to, you know, for two back links like this one, the exact

match which is gaining them five versus six.

So this is the power pull back link which will use through this guest posting.

And for the rest of the back links, we will use other methods.


You can also use this exact keyword in one back link in this longtail or the title for another back


That is also fine.

But if possible, then you should use all of this to text like the ten percent of the exact match,

which is two big links in this case.

If you are creating 20 backlands, if you are creating creating ten back links, then one is enough,

one is enough for this exact match.


So now you have to we have to just copy this you URL and go to this tool and it this website and we

will check the domain authority and the traffic of this website.

So after that we can decide whether we need to add this to our list or not.

Now, as you can see, this website is very, very high authority and this is receiving seven thousand

traffic, monthly traffic from Google.

And the seven thousand means like double the actual amount, because in Google search console, you

will find that this traffic is double like fifteen thousand.

So here it is, seven thousand.

If this is more than one thousand one K traffic this website is receiving per month from Google.

This is permanent traffic, OK?

And the domain authority is just more than ten.

Then it is fine.

It is perfectly fine because this is a relevant site in a relevant site is always much, much better

than irrelevant site with high authority right now.

What do you need to do?

You will send them an email and ask them for a guest post so you will write a guest post.

Very related to this topic.

It should not be the exact topic, but it should be relevant.

Like you can review another canon camera or you can talk about another digital camera, SLR camera.

And then in that article we will insert our link somewhere in the first paragraph or the second paragraph.

And that will be once again, the exact match will use this canon in five words as it can and M6 as

an anchor text.

And we will put our this link on this one.

OK, this link.

OK, now we know this site is the site is perfect for us.

So what we need to do, we will go here and add this one to this.

List, I have given you this file already in the resources section.

So now I have added this.

Now find will find the contact us.

OK, so some websites have contact.

Yeah, they have this email, some don’t have email, so you have to use their contact forum or can

you just submit that?

But this website has the email, so we’ll read the email here.

And then the demand authority, which is 53.

OK, 53 of the domain authority, which is very high and very good, the traffic is something like seven

thousand, more than seven thousand, but there’s a fine response like we have not yet sent the email,

so there is no response.

OK, now let’s check the second website, which is also about Kamras.

Let’s check that one.

So we can find what type of website is this?

Now you can see this website is absolutely new one like you can see only twenty two referendums in the

18, only 18 organic traffic.

And like this is just new website, you know, so in here, if you send them.

I guess both they will accept it, because this is a new website and the chances are very, very high.

So if you like, you should add this also to your you know, because this is from Google, right?

So this is already indexed in Google and you can eat this one is a backup site.

If the main sites don’t accept your guest post, then you will have backup sites.

OK, so what I will do I will just, you know.

We just copy this, I will create a new a new file here, OK, so this will be like a backup.

Less than 10.

OK, less than 10.

Authority and less than a thousand traffic sites will be back, upside’s right, but still should be

relevant because relevancy is the key here.

So this I am heading into another.

Sheet, which I will name actually as a second secondary.

OK, this will be my backup.

I will rename it back up.

Big Upside’s.

This is a good idea because if if these high authorities don’t accept our guest posts, then we had

the backup site so we can send them as well, the same post.


So here we need to find their email.

Let me find the email.

OK, these guys do not have an email, so you have to login, OK, here, you must log in to submit

a guest post.

That is fine.

We will right here like login.




OK, this guy, new slogan, OK, now the domain authority is just for chill right here, traffic is

18 per month.

And the rest is OK.

SIM will use another website, this one will check that and you need to find here the.

Page for writing content, but they don’t have that page.

Yes, here right for us.

We are currently looking for contributors to write for this site.

Do you have photography experience that you want to share?

So you can click here, OK?

So we can contact them using this forum.

They had the forum, OK?

Now, what we need to do will check this site and.

Once again, their health and their domain authority and stuff like that, so this is also a good authority,

say like 30 is a very good authority.

OK, now I will just go and and the traffic is very, very good, like more than thirteen thousand.

This is good.

Thirty five thousand keywords already ranked in Google in actually the refining domain is very, very


Like this website has four thousand more than 4000 back links with four hundred referent domains.

The more referenced domains the website has, the more it is better, the more value it has.

It will pass so much juice to your your article.

OK, so here I will go and copy this site.

Eurail and I will add it to the first.

Sheet just posting.

The main one, because this is a high authority site.

And then the email will, right forum, OK, forum.


This is like we have to use their forum, OK, because they don’t have email, we can check for the

email if they have the email.

So we’ll get that.

Let me check somewhere.


Reach out.

They don’t have an email.

OK, so the contact form is OK now the traffic is more than thirteen thousand, which is just fine.

So this is the second website now.

The third one they have written guest blogging.

This is also about photography.

So they also accept guest posting and they have written all the criteria here.

OK, you should read this very carefully.

They are asking you like seven hundred words, OK, at least seven hundred words, article, original

content and stuff like that.

So what we will do here, you need to aid at least.

Ten to 20 websites here, 10 to 20, 20 websites is OK and some 10 websites as a backup.

OK, you need to create this list, so after that, we can send email to all of those 20 websites with

our guest post ideas, OK?

And the second thing, if you cannot do this thing yourself, like all this research for the websites

and aiding this data, then you simply go to firewalled outcome.

This is the website for Freelancer’s.

Go to this website and write up, you know, guest posting.



OK, Heidi, a guess post.

And here you will find a lot of people, so many people, freelancers, they will do high authority

guest post for you, they will write the guest post, they will send it to some websites and they will

get they will get published that post and then you have to pay.

So here the pricing starts like from ten dollars and goes up to fifty dollars for one guest post.

And sometimes you will get one Becklin from one guest post and sometimes you will get to do follow back


So you can see they have like you will find people here for almost every topic, like if you have a

website about technology, about gardening, about photography or any topic, you when you go when you

scroll down this research page, you will find people for any topic.

OK, so if you cannot do this thing yourself, then you can do it through some other freelancers.

OK, after creating this list of websites and their contact details, then you need to send them email

using this template.

This is a very simple template with which I have attached to this video in the resources you just go

and this is the perfect, simple template for sending a pitch for guest posting.

OK, so you just need to change all of the highlighted areas like, you know, this will be the subject.

The example dot com should be changed to that website with which we just found through Google then their

first name.

If they don’t have the first name, then just their website.

OK, website or team, just search team and then your name, your site name and then the abbreviation

of their blog, you.

You have been following their website for some time so that you can, like, make a connection with

them, OK?

And then if the website is a high authority website, then you should add their link to some of your


Like any of your posts, you can add their link.

So if you mentioned that, then the chances are very high that they will accept your guest post because

they will think like you already have included their link in your post.

Then they will also accept your guest article.

But for the new website, the back up websites, you don’t need to do this thing, OK?

You just remove this line, the written content already, OK?

And then the after the picture, you are just you will let them know that you have some guest post ideas.

So if they are accepting new guest orders, then you are ready to send them, OK.

So after doing this you will receive their reply.

Like if you send 20 emails, at least you will receive replies from like five to ten people.

OK, so that is normal and we need just two guest post.

Guys will send the [REMOVED] to like 20 people, 20 different websites.

But we just need to guest post because from two guest post we can get two to four do follow backlands

and that’s enough for this method.

OK, and if you receive replies from more websites, then you should send to more people and then add

the other keywords like to you edit this exact message, then you can use this long tail in this title

one, or maybe this branded keywords.

So that’s just fine.

If you get more high quality back links from different websites using guest posting, that is perfectly


There is no issue with that, but there are very few guest posts and will also use other methods to

create back links.

So now this is you are to do this homework and it are up the links here and then simply send it to different

websites in your own niche.

Okay, this is my niche.

You should do the same for your niche.

And in the next year you will use other methods to create better links.


12. Creating Profile Backlinks for Ranking Keywords


Welcome back.

We were in previous lecture we discussed about guest posting and how to create those back links for

the single article.

Now, in this lecture, I want to talk about user profile.

Back links seem like we used this user profile BUCKLINGS for domain authority.

We can also use these back links for single articles.

We will create like three to four back links for our keyword.

This page, actually, let’s say we have created for back links.

Do follow back links using this guest posting method now will create three to four back links using

the second method, which is user profile back links.

OK, now I have the list of almost like more than one hundred fifty websites.

You can find this list in the resources page of this video.

So this is the list.

Let’s just go to one website and create a Becklin actually.

OK, so I will just paste this link here.


The link here and then we have to just go and sign up, you will find the sign up button somewhere on

the website.

It is here now here I want to sign up.

And the problem is that I need an email.


So an email.

When you have an email, when you use that one time, then you don’t have another email that you cannot

create email again and again.

But I have a solution, guys, for that.

This is the website.

You can check it out here, email fake dot com.

This will provide you temporary emails for your back links, any email you can choose from here, any

of the domains.

And once you choose that, just copy the email and it will receive email automatically on this page.

So you don’t need to save anything.

You don’t need to create any password or anything.

So we’ll use this one, OK?

This is very great software.

You can create like hundreds of emails.

You can use them for your back links.

So I will put this email here and I will create a password, OK?

You should use the same password again and again for all the links are the profile back links.

OK, so I will just sign up.

No, I’m signed up here, some websites will actually let you create the back link without verifying

OK, but some websites will ask you to verify your email when they ask you, like here, we just received

the email.

You can see from that website on the same page.

Check the email down there.

OK, the email we received here.

That is nothing in here, and this is just a welcome email, OK, so we will receive the email right


And if there is a link for verifying, then we can collect that as well.

They show you some errors as well, but that’s just fine.

OK, so here is the account right now.

The account is here and we need to create just.

So I will say personal.

There are types of web browser, desktop, mobile tablets, web browser.

OK, so what I’m going to do here, I will just say writing.

And then.

I will write a note, OK?

So in the note, I can simply go to the blank note and here.

I will add my key word.

I can show you how I can ID my key word here.

So, guys, I have added some text here and title in some text in here.

I want to create a link with this title of my page.

OK, so I have edited the text and now here I have the option to add a link, insert a link and what

is my link.

My link is this one which I will be using everywhere.

I have to just change the anchor text.

So here if I, I just pasted the link and I will apply.

So the link is created here.

OK, so this is the way we need to id like 300 or 400 or 500 words content here because that will be

relevant in the link will be useful.


So I will share and I will enable and that’s it.

When I so we need to, when I go to this link, let’s see the link here.

We should see the back link, OK?

Here we go, you can see the best canon cameras in 2020.

This is the text and this is the exact link, guys.

So this is the big link we have created here on this website.

And I can just show you the website.

It has a very good domain authority.

And you will see that right here in the ahead, Abdul.

You can see it is his domain, authority and domain reintegrating is more than 90, OK, so this is

a good burgling.

One tip I can give you here that you should add more words if you have, like some content, 400 to

500 words, because this is very less like less than one hundred.

So the more words you have that is best for for this keyword, for this Becklin.

OK, so the same method you should use like three to four more websites you should open.

There will be an option for sign up and then use create the becklin using this same method.

But you should always remember that you have to use different anchor text like now in this profile back


I will use this title as an anchor text for guest posting.

I use this exact keyword.

OK, so guys, I’m going to create three more back links using profile method and then after that we’ll

create back links using Web 2.0 back links.

OK, so coming in the next lecture.

13. Creating Web 2.0 Backlinks for Ranking Keywords

Welcome back.

We were in the course now the third method for creating back links is the Web 2.0 back links.

So this is a back language is very powerful for linking your keywords in Google.

What is Web 2.0 back link?

Web 2.0 are sites where you can create a blog for free with a free subdomain, and there you can publish

content and then you can link back to your main article or your main website.

OK, so there are hundreds and thousands of Web 2.0 websites, but I have selected just four which are

which are very famous and Google is actually very quickly indexed them.

So the first one is blogger dot com.

When you create a blog there, you will get a subdomain like blackspot and Google will indexed this

blog very, very quickly.

So this is very famous, will be creating blogs there and then creating back links.

The second one is what presider combative Hemas again, the third one is Tumblr dot com and then we

have Wexner come so we can create free websites here and then we can simply add some content and can

create our link there.

So you can also use this for websites.

OK, now the thing is you have to write content, OK, unique content.

You should not publish the existing content, you should write the new content.

First of all, we have to create a blog.


And then our first post will be, you know, like about related post to our product where we want to

create a Becklin.

So for that, you need to write unique content.

At least five hundred words right now.

This is five hundred and ten words article I have written.

So minimum is five hundred words in maximum you can go like up to one thousand or twelve hundred words.

That is just fine, but minimum should be five hundred words article.

And here we are creating this content just for creating the back link.


So you should do that for every, wherever you create the blog like this one will create one blog here

on WordPress, one blog here on Tumblr on account.

Basically we create an account here on Tumblr, OK?

And then Wexner will create an account here as well and also on blogger dot com.

OK, so all of the four blogs that we have, whenever we create something, when whenever we publish

some content, we should write unique content for each of these blogs.

OK, and one thing I want to mention, which is very important, when you create a blog or an account

here on blogger dot com, you should use a different email than your actual Google email.

OK, like I told you before in this course, how you can add your site to search console.

OK, so when you use that email for such a console, you should not use that same email for blogger

dot com because here you are creating a blogger blog to.

Create a back link and you’re getting that back link to this website.

OK, because Google knows all of these services are owned by Google and only one email is used for all

of these services like this account, the Google analytics, the Google search engine, the Chrome browser

and also YouTube.

So you should use a different email for blogger dot com.

And I would suggest you should use a different browser as well.

I use the same thing.

I use, you know, this file for Firefox browser for accessing that blog, which I have created for


And you should do the same.


So this is important thing.

Now come here and just click get started here for the WordPress.

Let’s get started and will get started there.


Here, I want to tell you that you should use your real email, OK?

The real email will be better than the fake email, OK?

Because fake email is just for temporary.

This one I’m talking about, you can use this here, too, but this is better for profile Bucklings

and something temporary.

But here you have to come back again and again because we’ll will create a blog where we can post content

again and again for our other websites as well, so we can link back to other websites and to different

external websites.

So we are not going to create a single page blog here on this platform.

So let me just put my real email and password and then I will show you how it looks.

Or you can also go and continue with a Google account as well.

OK, guys, so after you logged into WordPress, you just signed up or logged in, you will see this

find this kind of empty page, OK?

You don’t have any WordPress site yet, so create site.

This is the option you need to click.

So we clicked that.

Now it is asking for a domain name, so we’ll just add a domain name here, OK?

Now, as you can see, I have added a name, Canon Camera Reviews and I will add dot WordPress dot com.

You have to add dot WordPress, dot com.

That is a subdomain you are getting for free here on this platform.

OK, so after I edit this one.

You can see it is that one is not available.

This one is not available, so they have recommended me this another one for free.

So I will select this one.

OK, but this has no ring, so I want to make sure something is different.

Let me put the.

Let me put that exact title, OK, this one like Ken and five versus six competitors and OK.

OK, guys, you can see I have a cannon and fire forces cannon, what is this in that WordPress dot


So this is available basically this is a good domain name.

Like we have used the exact keyword there in the you all.

And that is just fine because we will be adding different type of camera content to this site.

Now I will just click select and after selecting, you can see they have they are like giving us different

plans for the site.

But we will just say start with the free site.

OK, reflect that in the site will be created within a few seconds.

That’s it, guys.

The site has been created, you can see all the options here at the website and we can visit the site

just by clicking this option.

The site will be right now empty.

You can see the address again.

And five forces get an M six comparison that WordPress dot com.

So this is no empty site.

What we need to do, we need to go here and remove the content.

First of all, we need site is created now.

We will name our site, will add a name.

So click name each site.

OK, here, we need to give it a title.

OK, I have edited the title and the tag line, now I will save, so it is saved.

Now, when I go to the website.

I can show you this is the title and this is the slogan already there.

Now, the next thing we can do is create a menu, we can create the menu, we can update the homepage,

and then we can launch the site, because right now it is not launched.

OK, so the thing is, we can just click right option, OK?

We can just go and write content.

What is the content?

I have already the content here.

I will just copy.

And paste this content into our new post, which we are just going.

To add here into our new WordPress blog, so I will just paste it here.

This is my content and this looks exactly like the WordPress, the actual WordPress.

OK, but this is free blog, OK?

Now, this is my title for this post.

And this is the content, OK, I have already.

Used very, very I mean, unique content, so I will just add some headings to this content so that

it is still friendly.

OK, one thing I want to mention here that you will get real traffic from these blogs.

This will bring blog.

This will bring traffic to your main site from Google because Google actually indexes them very, very


And when I check in my Google search console, I see they are getting clicks from search engines, actually.

So that’s done.

Now, I will add some photos, some pictures from my computer.

This is the same option.

When you just enter, there will be a new blog and then the plus sign and then you can add any option

from here.

If you write like a match, it will show you the image option and then you can upload the image from

your computer like I have, you know, many, many photos for camera.

So I will add the camera, which is shown here.

So this is the camera.

This is the camera, right?

OK, there it is.


So this is very, very easy.

OK, I will get more pictures, but right now I want to tell you where I will aid my link.

I will add my link here where I have some text.

I’m saying when I’m telling about USM sex, then I’m telling here you can check this website to see

the comparison between these two cameras.

So check this website will be.

My anchor text for this back link and why this is I’m selecting this because this is a generic text,

OK, because if I show you my anchor text distribution, I’m using this click here and this website,

which is a generic text, OK, I already have used the exact keyword for guest post and then I have

used other keywords like this one for a while back links.

And now I’m using generic this one because I have to use this 15 percent like in three different websites.

So right now I will use this one and then I will use it again somewhere else.

OK, so that is why I’m using this one.

I will make it bold so you can understand and the link will be the same.

This one.

OK, for this page, this is the back link and this is how the links are created. link building

So this is the back link, I will say open a new tape and this is now the beginning.

OK, I will add some more pictures to this post, but right now, I can also add some categories here

and some I can add a featured image, same like WordPress.

We work in the normal WordPress dashboard.

OK, so all the options are similar.

I’m just telling you that you can create your back links very easily here.

For now I will just click publish or we can just see the preview.

They click the preview.

And the article will look like this.

OK, so here.

Here is the link, check this website.

Check this website is our text, and this is a do follow back link.

So this is a very, very related content, similar content, but at the same time, we are creating

a burgling here, too.

Now, this is for WordPress, OK?

What do you need to do?

Once again, I will recap.

You have to go to the site, OK?

And you have to go to the site options here in the background.

You had to add your logo here, your home page up to create a menu and stuff like that.

It is easily manageable from here.

And then you will click the right option here on the top and you will add your content and then you

can add your link as well.

And after finalizing all adding all the images and the content and everything categories, then you

will click publish.

OK, so then you will see the content on your site and there will be the back link.


So that is the way you can do it and similarly will create a profile here.

So click get started.


OK, they’re saying there is a problem with the logging, OK, will create the logging option or you

can sign up simply and I will go with my email, with my real email.

So I’ll send next.

Or just click, send me a message.

OK, let’s see, they have send me a message.

So I can see Tumbler here.

And let’s go and that’s it, I have my account is already created.

Now, this is the thing to understand that you can create do follow back links here with the text photo

or simply you can insert your link, you know, simple link.

So, first of all, you have to create an account here.

And after that, you can also write a blog post.

You can see this sign right at the corner.

If you click that, it will show you all the options, which you can also, by the way, see on the

home page.

OK, so a text means you are creating a text post and these back links and these articles are actually

very indexed by Google very quickly.

So here, like I will just show you, men will just go and add this text.

I’m not I’m not publishing this text.

This is just for demonstration purposes.

OK, so I will add this text here and the title, for example, let’s say this is my title.

OK. link building

OK, now here, how we can aid the Becklin, we can just select any of the text like this.

OK, this is the text, for example, and the options will pop up, you can see all the options, like

we can make it bold, we can make it italic, we can add a heading to it, and also we can edit the


This is the option for the link.

OK, so I will add the link here.

The same link or.

OK, the same link, this one.

And I will add it here, and once I click done, you see the link has been created.

When I click open the link, it will take me to the same page, my page for that keyword.

OK, so then I post in the link is created right there.

OK, so I will discard this one now.

The next thing is image back link and will create right now will create a major link because if you

see our anchor text distribution we have no text two percent and one link we need for this.

No text in how you can create the new text link.

You can simply go to Tumblr.

Oh, I’m sorry, you cannot create that the image back link on Tumblr, you can create that one on WordPress


So let me do that for you.

This is the image, right?

You need to click this and click this insert link, OK, in Sterling and just insert that link and then

click this option to apply there said.

Now, when we go to preview this page, you will see the image will be linked with that article and

without the text again, when you click this after we publish, you click this one.

So we will be taken to this page.

So we have created basically two back links here on this page, on this article.

And I want to give you a tip.

You should add one link to other websites like Wikipedia or any other high authority website like we

are giving we are adding a link to our own site.

But we should also add one external back link to some other website, you know, some other relevant

related website so that this article looks natural to.

Now, coming back to the Tumblr here, you can create like a text based post acourt or audio or video

or just simply link.

So I will add a link here, OK.

So this is also a big link. link building

Basically, I will paste the exact link.

It will fetch the data.

You know, you see all the data has been fetched and I can hear some description like this description

I can take from here because, you know, I should write that also unique one, right.

So let me write it.

So, guys, I have added some content here and even I can create a better link here.

If you click some text, you will see the back link option here as well.

So let’s say we can create a becklin here if we do with some text, for example.

OK, so.

OK, that’s fine, because we already have the same link on.

This page, so we don’t need to create another one, right, so I will just post.

In The Post.

Will be on the page, right?

You can see this is here, OK, and this is a Becklin, right?

I have already some other post as well, but this one is on the top here.

When somebody clicked this link it.

The visitor will be taken to our page.


So here, what I want to tell you, you should create one or two back links here using this text option

and one using this link, one using this text in, one using this video or audio.

So these all links work just fine. link building


Now, the last option I can show you is about blogger.

And you should create your site using Wexton as well.

Use the same.

Process like eating unique content and then adding your link there in these blogs are not temporary.

These are not just for one post.

You will you can later on post again and again with different topics and you can add links to your different

sites and different blog posts using the same method which we are using for this one article.

But we can use it for multiple articles right now.

Let me take you to the blogger option, OK?

So when we go to blogger, I am already logged in there.

You can in and this is very easy to create a blog here.

I already have a blog here.

I will just show you that.

You can see I have already a blog with the GoPro alternative 20-20 Wonder Blogspot dot com.

So what I did here, I have created I have published a post here and. link building

You can see this post and I have added one up, one Becklin here, this is the battling for my other


So here I can post.

One article to the same blog, or I can create another blog about canon cameras and I will repeat the

process, will create some content editor content editing content.

It very is very, very easy.

Just you need to click this post option and then you had to click this plus sign here, create a new


Once you click this option, you will get this editor here.

You need to edit the title.

Very simple, very easy at the top.

Inserting a link is very, very easy here on blogger dot com as well.

And this is also very powerful back link because Google this is a Google platform and Google will index

it very, very fast.

And I can show you the Google search console for this one.

Again, just go and select the.

This blog, OK?

This blog was created less than a month ago, less than a month.


New blog and you can see it has gotten like five total clicks, 11 impresion and forty five CPR in every

position you can see, every position is is just 19.

So this is insane, guys, because this is a blogger blog.

So I’m creating a blogger blog, blogger blogs for Backlands and you can do the same.


Like create like three to four paddlings for your single article and with the unique content.


So this is how we create PAC links using Web 2.0 method.

If you have any question, if you did not understand, then you can simply put your question in the

U.S. and I will answer that.

But I hope I have explained everything and shown everything to you so you can create these links very

easily for your keywords.

 14. Creating Dofollow Relevant Forum Backlinks

Welcome back, viewers, in this lecture, we are going to talk about discussion forums, how we can

find high quality and high authority to follow discussion forums where we can create back links and

we can create a becklin diversity more stronger.

OK, so let’s get started with our discussion forums.

Discussion forums are online places where people discuss about some topic or about some products.

So in this case, we have the website about camera.

You can have any topic like any topic about gardening, about photography, fashion, real estate or

whatever topic you have. link building

You can use this same method to find relevant high authority forums to create better links.


So how we do that, we have four simple methods.

The first method is this.

We aired our topic, which can be anything like camera or camera reviews or photography, one word or

two words and then plus sign and then we write for them.

OK, so once we do this, we will find all the forms.

Let me do that practically by going to Google and enter this text here.

OK, so inside the bubble course, you have to write your keyword.

Like in my case it is a camera.

I can also write camera reviews like two words or one word that really doesn’t matter.

And right now it is a camera inside the double chords and then the plus sign and then the forum.

OK, so we can write it like camera reviews, for example, or photography or any other topic.

If you have any other major topic, then you can write this exact keyword or you can change the keyword

one by one to find more and more forums.

OK, so once I enter this, I will find all the forums.

These are these are all forums actually where people talk about this product.

So these forums are all related to our topic.

I mean, our topic is about cameras.

As you know, for this website, you might have any other website so you can find for that.


But when we use this method, most of the forums are nofollow, right? link building

Because I have tested it already.

And that is why I don’t want you to waste your time, because most of the forums using this method will

be nofollow forums, the same as for the second forum where you have to write your topic and blessin

and then discussion board, because some people give up the name to the folder as discussion board and

stood up forum.

And then we have another query which we can use in Google and we will find forums here.

Your topic means you will enter your topic and then in your URL we have to at this link forum.

So we will find forums.

use for creating a forum.


So when they are using this software, most of the websites or the forums you will find are Bufalo.

And we need to follow because if we create back links through nofollow forums, then that will not give

us the value and the juice we need to link our keywords in Google.

That is why we are going for to follow links because we will create nofollow links later on in the next


And that is a very easy process.


So right now we need to go and find do follow up forums and for that we will use this method, OK?

So what we have to do will just go to Google and we will write inside the Kosilek powered by the bullet,

and then we have the plus sign and up to the plus sign will write our topic.

In this case, the topic is camera.

It can be camera reviews, it can be photography, it can be any topic of your choice.

OK, but for now it is camera.

So after I wrote the camera, I can see their different forms of came in this all forms are related

to our topic means camera.

So let’s open some of this.

There are many, many you can see, so let’s open some of them now.

The next, like I just found on the first page of Google, like five to six power forums or ten forums.

I can go next and next.

And there are so many right now.

We can just simply change the text here like camera reviews.

Or let’s say photography, and we will find more forms of photography and as you can see, we have now

more forums here.

So this is a great way to find relevant forums for any type of niche subject.

So once we have like many, many forums there, then we can check for the criteria we have

because you cannot go and create your account because forums are very nice places to create links.

But it’s a little bit like difficult.

You have to go to see their policies, to read about their, you know, the terms and conditions.

And also you have to create a profile and to be active there all the time, OK?

That is why we will go through many, many forums, but we will select only three to four forums where

we will create actually the real back links, OK, because we cannot go and create a profile on like

fifty or one hundred forums.

OK, that is not possible.

So why we are actually opening so many forums here and we will go find more and more forums because

we have to find the best ones.


The high authority, high quality do follow ones and also the ones which are active, OK, because some

forums are inactive.

So we cannot go there and create our account there and go into the discussion.


So first of all, this forum you can see we can see their last post.

You have to check the last post.

Every forum you go, you will see a place last post, you will see this text.

Under that, you should check if there is last post within the week or maybe in the last three to four

days. link building

That means this forum is active.

If the forum is not active, then you are just wasting time because that will not be called by Google,

because when the forum is active, then Google is coming.

Google Scholar is coming to that forum and, you know, calling the pages.


So this forum, if we see it, is you know it is.


You can see it is just three to four days before it was active.

Now, let’s go to these are these are all topics inside the forum.


But we know what this is about.

Cameras, right.

So how you can find the next very, very important thing is to find whether the forum is to follow or


So let’s go to, for example, this one post, which this is basically a topic inside the topic.

We have different discussions going on about different cameras and different stuff.

OK, so let’s see.

Find something which is more replies. link building

So we need to find an external backing which is going from this site to any other site outside.

OK, so we need to find a way that that is nofollow or to follow.

So let’s open this trail camera.

This has for replies from other users and boom, we have found the back link here.

You can see the back, which is external and going to other side.


What do we need to do right now?

We have to select this.

If this is a text or a link or whatever, we have to select it and then copy the text.


And now we have to click anywhere in the page and go to the Web page source we can use control you for

this from our keyboard.


But we can do that by right.

Click So optogenetic will get the source code up this page and then we have to press control F to find

the exact link there.

OK, so I will paste the link which I already have copied.

Now the link is selected here, right.

This is the link. link building

And once we see the link, OK, the link is not this one, it is down here.

OK, this here now I can show you the link.

This is the link hyperlink hypertext in the link and then the target blank and the anchor text is also

the exact link.

This is not a keyword based anchor text.

This is a you are based anchor text.

And the amazing thing is that you can see there is no real nofollow when there is no real nofollow.

That means this is a do follow back link, which is very good for SEO by default.

I told you already by default, every link is Bufalo.

Search engine will come and Kraul will crawl.

This link and this link will get the juice.

From this page, right, so that is why this is a very good thing, but now the final thing is to check

this website, right?

This is the whole forum for cameras.

So we have to get the address of the forum and we had to go to the tool.

You can use MOZE or whatever tool you use for checking the authority of the site.

But we are using a head up Starcom for discourse mainly.

Now, when I edited this website here, I can see that there is very low, you are very low and this

is, I think, a very, very new forum.

That is why we will just leave it OK.

So because this is not a high authority and it is not receiving traffic, we should have some forum

which is like receiving some organic traffic.

OK, like this is receiving one traffic only using this tool.

But it should be like more than hundreds in some domains like, you know, more than like one hundred

domains is OK and some domain authority so that we can get some juice from this site.

This is a very new forum, so that’s not fine.

Right now.

I’m going to the next one, which is not secure.

So I’m just going to leave that as well.

And this one, this one is also not good.

So let’s leave it.

I mean, guys, this is a little bit hectic process.

You have to go through different forms, but once you find three to four forums, that will be enough

for you.

OK, now this one you can see is not active, actually.

So I will leave this one and this one.

Let’s check it.

Oh, this one is oh, this one is not actively active.

This is not this is not active.

OK, so I left that one.

Now see this one. link building

And this one is also not secure.

If you check this, the URL is not secure.

So let’s leave that one as well.

Now here is the next one.

And here we need to click some some of the topics like the digital camera reviews.

And we had to find a topic to see a back link there.

OK, so here is the so many discussion is going on.

So we had to find a Becklin there, which is going to some other website.

OK, I have found one you can see here.

This is the outside back.

And now let’s control you to open the source page and then control F, and I will add that link.

And you can see here this is nofollow are l equal to no follow this mean this this is no follow up form

right now.

The next one is this one.

So this is also not secure.

But let’s check it out.

Let’s check it out.

OK, so I open the forum here on topic and now let’s go to some


But the thing is, this is not active, very active forum, actually.

And I think let me check the there is a link actually.

There is a link.

And this link is basically do follow.


There is a link on the page here with the anchor text.

Basically a keyword is this is do follow right now.

Let’s check the info.

Let’s check the authority of this site, because this is OK as far as do follow and activity is concerned.

So let’s see how, OK, the domain authority is just fine, replanned Winston and the traffic is none.

So that means we have to live this forum as well, unfortunately.

Now the next one is here.

This looks good to me, but let’s check some of the topics here.

First of all, this is ecto or not.

Let’s let’s check some of the topics.

OK, so we have to find cameras.

Actually, camera is our topic,

but there is no camera, I think. link building

Mm, let’s see if we can find some camera, OK, this is irrelevant right now.

Let’s check this one.

This is new one, I think an anecdote.

So this one, once again, irrelevant and not active

or this one looks to me good.

Let’s find some cameras, digital cameras.

And this is active as well.

So let’s see.

Open a topic like this one, for example, and find some.


there are many, many links here.

OK, there are many, many links going to other websites.

This means when you see many, many links, that means the site has a do follow policy.

OK, so we have found this link here.

Just copy the link, control you and then paste it.

And yes, my guess was right.

This is a follow up, actually.

This is a do follow forum.

So let’s check the authority of this forum here using Arabs.

And this is now because we found the first forum to follow.

Very good.

You can see it is receiving organic traffic and stuff like that.

So this one is the forum, although it is secure.

You can see the homepage is secure.

OK, so what you will do, you will create a file and then you will paste the forums.

You know, the best one, like, for example, this is the first one and then you will find more and


OK, now we have to find five, three, four to five forums for our topic.


So the

the search is continued.

OK, so this one is not very, very active.

Now, we will come to the next one.

And this is I think.

Oh yeah, it’s fine, but it’s not good.

OK, so what we have, we just found one, OK, through this method.

Now the next thing we can say, like, you know, let’s go to the topic and let’s say don’t Kamras let’s

say drone cameras, OK?

Because we are talking about cameras, right.


So let’s just change the topic here.

Drone cameras,

drone camera.

And you see we have OK, this is we have to right this one and the world course.


So you see there are other forums.

Now, once again, we will go first of all, I need to close the older ones, so I will open some more

forums here.

The process is the same.

Guys, you have to go to this again and again and it will take like one hour.

It shouldn’t take more than one hour to find five to six best forums for your site.

OK, I did the same many times for my for my relevant blogs.

And I found them like five to six I found very easily in 30 to 40 minutes.

OK, so this is the forum now.

You can see there are different topics and I think the forum is not active.

These are the

they are the links control you to find the link and this is to follow back link.

You can see I just aged that link here in the source code and I found that.

OK, so the final thing is to go to now check this.

Click this.

Homepage and then copy the URL.

This is a very big forum, my actually and I have to check it whether this is a high authority or not.

So the D-R looks good.

You are looking good.

Backlands look good.

Referendums look good.

And this is just OK.

I think this is OK.

This is not very good, but this is just OK because this is in Google.

So Google has already, you know, indexed it.

And I think this is just fine.


So the second one, we found that.

Now let’s go to the next one and this one less said the home page, go to the home page of the forum

and see what is there.

This is about some games.

It is.

OK, so we will move to the next one.

Now the next one, we have to check the forum.

Where is the forum?

Actually, the forum is here.

OK, so the forum is active actually right now.

Let’s see some open up some topic and this is relevant one.

I understand that.

So let’s find some something actually.


there are many replies to this discussion here and let me find some links here and then check whether

that is do follow or no follow,

Control you.

Uh control f and then.

Oh congratulations guys.

This is also a do follow back link.


Great. link building

So now we will have to go to check this forum.


OK, so in the signature, he has added to his blog’s link.

So every time he answers to someone, he will be getting one to follow speckling.

So this is called a signature back link, which you can ID once your profile is activated and your profile

is approved, you can see the next he once again answer.

And then once again, the link is here.

And if you come down, you will see the link is again there.

The link is again there.

Everywhere there are links.

You see once again the link.

So this is called signature battling.

This will be with every comment you make on this forum right in the next back link is what you create

inside this post.

Whatever you are answering.

If you think you have a blog post that is relevant to this answer, then you can simply add that link

to some text.

You will have the option.

When you are writing this comment, there will be the option to it back link so you can just use any

anchor text according to that anchor text distribution lecture and then add your link there.

OK, so this is the way to create back links on these forums right now.

I would have shown you practically.

But the thing is that my account, which I just created here, is under review.

So I cannot post right now.

I cannot answer to the questions and I cannot edit my profile.

But the thing is, I have fallen for this same website.

I have found like five to six forums already.

This was just for demonstration, but I have found already five to six forums using the same method.

And I am going to create back links for the same article like five to six back links.

I have to create more to follow-back links and then I will have to create some no-follow back links using

comments, but still relevant so we can complete the back linking process.

For this single article which is here, I can once again to you.

We are making the back links for this article to bring it on the first page of.

And we are doing this pickling process using the same same anchor text distribution method, and you

can do it, too.

So let’s come back in the next lecture. link building

Welcome back, guys, in the court now in this lecture.

We are going to create some very, very relevant back links using blog comments.

This is the easiest method, guys, to create back links because most of them are nofollow.

That is why it is very easy to create.

But it is needed because we have to diversify our Becklin profile and also the back links itself.

So it looked natural to Google and that we can gain the ranking because Google knows the new nofollow

burgling as well.

Google knows that the link is there, but it is nofollow.kin

So still we we can get some value from that, but not like to do follow because do follow is very,

very more high authority right now.

The thing is, it’s very easy to create, to follow back links.

And for that matter, we need to go to Google, OK?

And we need to find relevant site exactly.

Related to this site, OK?

So what we need to do, we need to, for example, get an M five or six is the topic, actually the

exact topic.

So we need to write it here.

And then after writing this keyword, now the plus sign and then the double quotes inside the rubble

course will write, leave a comment or leave a comment.

So this is very easy, guys.

You can or leave a comment or you can say write a common post a comment.

You can just change like that.

OK, so leave a comment.

Exact topic.

Whatever keywords you have for your article, just write that.

Plus leave a comment and then enter and you will find all the blogs with the comment option.

And exactly the relevant blogs are not the relevant blogs, but the relevant articles to this one.

So simply go open all of them one by one and just comment there.

logger and a different one because you should write every comment

differently with unique words like change it a little bit.

OK, so I have written like, oh, this is a very good comparison about can and five words in Washington.

I’m using that in this.

e have done this back, linking like twenty back links, using all these methods, I guess

posting user profile, back links, Web 2.0 discussion forums and blog comments, then we have to wait

like three to four weeks because Google can not index all these backlinks within a day or two.

You have to wait. link building

Sometimes Google takes like one or one and half months for battling to index.

Creating big links is a different thing and indexing those links by Google is a different thing.

OK, so you have to wait.

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